Writings of Paul Adams:
Upper Levels

Some people have found some of these Upper Level writings interesting and informative. So I have collected the recent Internet postings all together and made them easily accessible. There is a comprehensive index below, arranged alphabetically by subject matter.

Otherwise, they are arranged chronologically, and located here.

These Upper Level writings contain what The Neighbors refer to as "confidential materials". These materials are stated to cause sickness or even death if the uninitiated read them. Since these materials have been available on the Internet for years, and neither mass deaths nor mass implantings have occurred as a result, it would seem to be safe to say that the danger has been overstated. Having said that, I would not recommend that those below the levels concerned read what I have written, but I am not going to deny the data to those who need it because of that.

Critique of TT's IC2 IC2 Introduction OT2--EP
OT2--Flat item, what it is OT2-Making legal platens OT2--Theory drilling OT2--Vital importance of perfect reads admin
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