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Message UL001 From: Paul Adams Date: Thu Jun 17, 2004 1:14 am Subject: [OTList] Welcome {PLAIN} Hi there, This is an OT List, a list for those auditing on an honest OT III or above, where topics from levels of Clear on up can be discussed in relative safety. By relative safety is meant that anyone reading anything on this list has been thoroughly warned of the level of material discussed, and if they go and screw up their case for twenty years because they read stuff they shouldn't, then no-one here need feel bad about it. The materials for these levels have beeen on the Internet for years and readily available. If that were not so, this group would not exist. Discussion of these levels is fine. Direct quotes from the materials are not, as that would be a gross copyright violation. If you want to post direct quotes from the confidential materials of these levels, go and do it somewhere else. I'm more interested in discussions about nuts-and-bolts delivery questions of existing routine levels than in airy-fairy musings on how {JOKE}eigth-dimensional BT's are still linked to the original static they separated from three universes ago.{/JOKE} More robust guidelines will be laid down when I have worked them out. I have lots of interesting stuff to post on delivering OT2 and OT3. {/PLAIN} Paul

Message UL002 From: Paul Adams Date: Thu Jun 17, 2004 1:57 am Subject: Critique of TT's version of OT2 [Later note--I replaced the pseudonym "Dee" with my own name/initials.] {PLAIN} ***This is a critique of the IC2 from TT that I have seen, from two write-ups in his own words, as posted on ACT and in the ICAUSE newsgroup. It differs slightly from the one I originally posted on 5/30/04. I have reformatted it to make it more clear who said what. TT's original post that I am reproducing below was a reply. I left all TT's and RH's words intact. TT's words are prefaced with [TT], Ralph's with [RH] and mine with [PA]. This critique contains OT2 and OT3 material, including the EP of OT2. If you are not up to that level, I recommend you don't read it, and not because you are going to die or get sick. Dee [Paul] From: tommy thompson (xxx@xxx) Subject: Free Immortality Course Section Two View: Complete Thread (6 articles) Original Format Newsgroups: alt.clearing.technology Date: 2003-01-07 08:12:18 PST "Ralph Hilton" wrote in message news:ggrl1vk6cq9ekicoql75r2vrhroru77sov@4ax.com... [RH]I have been reviewing the instructions for "new" OT2 (Operating Tommy, level 2) [TT] Not quite. It is Section 2 of the Immortality Course. "OT" is copyrighted by the CO$. Therefore we do not infringe upon that copyright illegally. [RH] There are 3 steps: 1. Run the first 2 items of the Electrical GPM to a clean wide F/N. [TT] No, not exactly. To erasure. This is done after a complete study of the materials of the "OT3" incident at 75 million years ago. However, obviously, there will be a clean fn, most likely a floating TA. [PA] So prior to running OT2, the preOT studies the complete running of OT3! I'm not even going to bother to cite any references that violates. The materials do not state that it is necessarily possible to run those first two items to a clean wide F/N, even by saying "obviously". It is certainly not standard OT2 running tech per the CC Instruction Booklet (CCIB) procedure, which is the basic bible on how to run this level. An F/N on the item, or the pair, is not the EP per the CCIB booklet. One just gets the reads off till it doesn't read, then goes on to the next item, going back and handling as needed and as a pair per the materials, but F/Ns are no part of it at all, although they have been known to occur. [TT] These are the first items in this bank. [PA]This is correct if you define "bank" as "this part of the implant." [TT] They are run with care to only run the preOT's charge, and not the Entity case. [PA] The OT2 preOT should not really be aware of this. But this violates the OT2 Instructions issue, which states something like (from memory) "the banks belong to different entities and are run with care to stay in the correct set". It is *precisely* the entity case that is being run. The IC2 instructions above are completely backwards! The preOT has already separated out from the materials (the stuff being addressed on OT2) per the OT2 theory materials. [TT] They are run singly to erasure, and then as a pair to erasure. One does not muck about running the rest of the items on entities, which will happen if the person does not have a clue about it. [PA] Yes, running items on entities will tend to happen that way. It is fortunate that the standard procedure is precisely to do it that way. The person indeed is not going to have much of a clue about what is going on until he reads the theory of OT3. So what? He doesn't need to know in order to run OT2 correctly. [TT] This first pair holds the entire bank in place. Once erased from the individual, the rest of the charge is simply entities. [PA] Once the first pair of items is erased from the entities' banks, or the banks of the entities that are available, the next pair of items holds the whole bank in place, and so on, per the CCIB, first two paragraphs. If what is meant is "the rest of the charge is simply entities'" (possessive), the statement is correct. But that is a very important apostrophe here, as an entity is not a piece of charge. [TT] Ron even states that the whole bank can blow by running the first item, as it is the earliest in that bank. [PA] No he doesn't. He says right at the beginning of the CCIB that when you have the earliest erased, the rest erases easily. There is a world of difference. [TT] And this is indeed the case, if one pays attention to where the charge is coming from. [PA] Already commented on. [TT] This action produces a "GPM Clear". [PA] This is an invented name for an invented, worthless state. Maybe it is possible to be some kind of "GPM Clear" after addressing and handling enough Actual (not implant) GPM's and it might mean something there, but not by doing this action on this "OT2". [TT] It is above the state of a "Force" clear, which is what dianetics produces. [PA] No comment. [TT] This is the first part of the "OT2" (copyrighted) implant. [PA] OK [TT] However, the first two words of this implant are NOT copyrighted, and can be freely distributed, copied and communicated. [PA] No comment, as I don't know the legal ramifications. But there is a hell of a lot more than the first two items to be run. [RH] 2. Run the first item or part of the c.c. implant similarly (he doesn't clarify which) [TT] This is true. Depends on the case of the individual. Perhaps the first run of the cc course may have to be run, again this is dependent on the case state of the individual. [PA] Let's see if I understand this right, so far. The IC2 preOT first studies some OT2 theory and the whole of OT3 theory, then runs the first two items of the first part of the OT2 platens, to a not-necessarily-achievable EP. He runs these on a "pc" (the preOT as an individual) who has already separated out from these materials and doesn't really have them on his case (he's clear--remember?) but he doesn't run them on the "pc" entity case which hasn't separated out from the materials. This is like only running non-reading items on one pc and restimulating but refusing to run anything on another. [PA] Note that if the guy put onto IC2 isn't clear, maybe the CC will run on him, but I bet he won't have duplicated the instructions in the CCIB on how to do it unless he learned it elsewhere. [PA] Then after maybe releasing--entirely by accident--this miniscule bit of charge the preOT then Qs and As off OT2 onto running the CC incident. It is not accurately dated in the OT2 theory materials, but in the OT3 materials it states the OT2 implant is part of R6 at 75 million, and the CC implant is at about 1 Quad. OK, I think I got it, let's continue. [TT] Ideally, for copyright infringement purposes, I would hope that only the first items would have to be run. [PA] If I were trying to oversee this level being approached in the manner outlined, I could imagine having such a forlorn hope too. But I believe the only reason for a preOT to not be able to run more than the first two items of the first GPM of the first run would be complete overwhelm and unawareness from being wildly un-set-up for this level, most likely not clear at least. [TT] In test cases, the first items being run do produce erasure of this "item" bank, and makes an "item" clear. [PA] I haven't seen the tests. But I would suspect that what is really happening is that the poor guy put on OT2 is so overwhelmed and overcharged that nothing on the level will really read. It's just like declaring someone clear because "they can't see engrams and so they have erased them all" when the actual problem is the guy is below the awareness needed to even *see* an engram to run it. Nobody is done any favors by a false attest. If he didn't separate out from the composite case (i.e. go clear) as he should have done before being dumped on OT2, he ain't going to be aware enough to direct attention to the actual incident in order to discharge it for the entity case. Without that charge off, the entity case won't break up. So then he gets onto III, doesn't find any, and thinks he's completed OT III! An "item clear" is another worthless non-state given a name to try and make it look like something impressive has happened when in fact the pc has just been tossed down the toilet. [TT] This third state of clear is necessary to find and run properly the materials of Incident One, at the start of the track. [PA] OK, so now that the very necessary and full level of OT2 has been abandoned after not even getting one percent of the charge off, we go straight onto OT3! Sure, why not. I'm not sure what is meant by "run properly", though. [TT] Again, this is ran with attention only to the PreIC's case, the entity case is not gone into. This will be handled later on upper sections. [PA] Excuse me? The guy's personal case should have been addressed on Grades/NED/Clearing, along with some entity case addressed generally. Incident 1 is not run on the pc per the 3 materials as part of OT3, even per the original 3 materials, let alone after the "Dn Forbidden on Clears etc." HCOBs. The entity case is *all* that OT3 addresses. This statement above is completely ass-backwards again. However, it sounds like a "solution" to the observation that preOTs trying to run IC2 can't get any reads on IC2 as they are either not set up for the level or are so completely confused by the "theory", or both, that they can't find anything to run on IC3 either (as a composite case, one gigantic un-loosened-up cluster, the pc buried in there is not likely to be aware of individual BTs or clusters and they ain't gonna read or differentiate out into discrete pressure areas that will run). The VIII materials on "The Bypassed Case" cover the handling. The solution is, once out of the Non-Interference Area, to go back and put in the grades that he got ripped off for earlier, and have him do the standard levels and genuinely make it to OT3 this time. AND ONLY THEN--and it is in caps because I AM fucking shouting--put him onto "upper sections". [TT] The sequence here simply follows the earlier similiar laws. [PA] Which sequence, exactly? I understand the idea of running through an incident a couple of times to unburden it so that an earlier incident shows up, tied to the first incident, and repeat as needed until one gets down the track to basic and can then erase the whole chain. Let's see how that applies to what's coming up as it hasn't applied to anything so far. [TT] The 75 millions implant is discharged, [PA] By what--reading about it in the theory of OT2? It hasn't been addressed yet in a manner to get *any* charge off it for anyone. [TT] then the CC implant is discharged. [PA] How is that achieved? The entity case, which has the CC charge, was intentionally excluded from the process; the pc should have disposed of the CC charge when he went clear. If he didn't go clear, then maybe he could get some charge off the CC implant by running the correct CCIB procedure. But see the comment above re restim and training--I doubt if he is going to get much charge off. [TT] This will remove the "glue" that holds the entity case to the individual to a very large degree. [PA] No it won't. That's what the lower levels are supposed to do on an unrestimulated pc who takes things on the correct gradient. [TT] It speeds up section 3 enormously. [PA] I can believe that, in that it takes a long, workable, tremendously valuable level and makes it impossible to run at all for the untrained, confused, overwhelmed, un-set-up preOT, so the "C/S" gives up and has the preOT "attest" a false, quickie completion. [TT] One of the results of this is the ability to confront the whole track. [PA] No it isn't. [TT] This is a necessary ability to find and run the materials of the Clearing Implant. [PA] So a preOT has to first study OT3, so he can study and "run" "OT2", so he can then achieve the ability needed to confront the CC materials? [TT] This bank is of a very great magnitude earlier than the materials of 75 million years ago. [PA] Correct. [RH] 3. Prepcheck Incident 1. [TT] Yes. By handling the above bank for the PERSON, not the entity case, the basic on all cluster forming incidents are handled. [PA] There's an issue in the 3 pack called "The Basic on BTs" or something like that. It gives something very different as the mechanism behind BTs being stuck to each other. Inc 1 is the start of the time track, something else entirely. [TT] The only reason that these incidents are addressed in the first place is they are cluster forming incidents. [PA] [This is a fresh comment to replace the original one I made]. Far from it. Inc 1 can be a cluster-making incident, but that is incidental to the reason it is run on OT3. As it says on the platen, Inc 1 occurs at "the start of track". It is the point at which that particular BT started mocking up his own time track. It isn't the point at which The Big Player started everyone's time track simultaneously, but the exact start of that individual being's time track. [TT] There are millions of gpm's and implants along the track. [PA] Exaggeration I believe, but it's not that important.*** [TT] They all depend for thier force on these key incidents, as laid out by LRH. [PA] I don't know what reference is being pointed to here; I'll reserve judgement on this bit, but if it holds true for the pc's own actual GPM's I would be surprised. [TT] That is why they are addressed on the "OT Course"(copyrighted). [PA] No data, so no comment. [TT] Again, great care is taken to handle ONLY the PreIC's charge. By this time of course, ability to confront the whole track and all of its force has been accomplished. [PA] Trashed above. [TT] The prepcheck of incident one removes the final "glue" that the majority of the entity case is sticking to. The PreIC at this time is well aware of this particular case, and the majority of it has already blown, since the basics on the cluster forming incidents have been erased. [PA] Trashed above. [TT] They then attest to Section Two of the Immortality Course. :) [PA] Oh, that was all IC2? OK, so now onto IC3. I assume the guy rereads the theory of IC3 again. [TT] The next step is then to run by engram entities. (Intending through the 3 implant, and then earlier to incident one.) That constitutes Section 3 of the Immortality Course. [PA] This almost sounds vaguely accurate in a rough sense. The first sentence I am assuming means something like "the next [my typo corrected--I originally put "first"] step is to run entities on engrams" [TT] The outline of this should be simple indeed to anyone looking at it. In fact the materials of "OT3" (copyrighted) are ran in exactly the same way. [PA] The same way as what? [TT] The only addition is to additionaly run the first part of the cc implant, which most "clears" have not ran. And instead of running Incident one as an engram, it is simply prepchecked to remove all vestiges of charge. [PA] This is a summary, so I assume nothing new is being said, so I don't have to comment on it. [TT] Simple indeed. The wins and cogs of the test subjects are very great. [PA] Are these test subjects *people*? [TT] I have not seen wins like this in the last 30 years. [PA] Sorry, I cannot accept this at face value. [TT] And the very best part, it is not copyrighted in any way by the CO$, and no one can be sued at all, we are not using either confidential or copyrighted materials. [PA] It is laudable that you have removed any legal threat. I'm serious in that it is a good goal for any FZ activity. But people in the know in the CofS must be seriously crapping themselves in glee that the "insane squirrels"--and I include myself in that epithet--would actually consider allowing this toxic waste to be run on someone in the FZ they cared about. [TT] I have done a full set of videos and cd's of the exact procedures, with actual sessions with real pc's doing the levels. All admin and skills are thoroughly covered in these tapes. They are available both in tape and cd form. You can find out about them at the links below. [PA] In general terms, as a training tool it is good to do videos and cd's of exact procedures, so I am not criticizing this paragraph at all. Nor will I make cheap cracks at the next two paragraphs. Generally speaking, I admire your spirit, Tommy, and getting out there and pioneering away. [TT] We are at a dawn of a new age. It now lies within our power to make thousands of Operating Immortals within months. [TT] I wish you all the very best and most enlightened new year ever. The last barriers to Clearing broadly have been overcome, the Copyright infringement lawsuits by the COS. :) Love: Tommy Thompson Founder ICAUSE http://icause.net http://freetheta.com [RH] After the above 3 steps one attests New OT2 completion. Ralph Hilton < HREF="http://www.ralphhilton.org">http://www.ralphhilton.org Freezone Directory: http://www.freescientology.org Freezone International: http://www.fzint.org FZAOINT http://www.fzaoint.org -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************* And on to part 2, Message 9802 in the Icause Yahoo group: From: "Founder ICAUSE" Date: Mon Apr 5, 2004 10:08 am Subject: Theory of IC 2 Clairfication FROM: doandhave@y... DATE: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 07:16:54 -0000 SUBJECT: Hi Tommy I am posting this as I know you check/qualify all messages before they are posted. Therefore I am rest assured this will not hit a public list before it is edited by you. I heard a rumor today and I am verifying the facts here. It is rumored on the FZ right now that you are taking the #1. Item of OT2 and having your pc's run only this and then moving them onto OT3. Tommy, it this true? I do not want to forward this data unless I have come to you and asked you myself. [TT] Full data is given in the IC 2 lectures. [PA] I have not seen or heard these lectures, or seen the checksheets, or the material on the checksheets. I am just reviewing what is being said in these two messages. [TT] The information you have is partially true, but substantially false. There is quite a bit more there than just running the first item on the OT 2 platens. [PA] I assume this has been covered in TT's write-up and my comments above. [TT] A person has to be brought to the point where he can successfully confront and handle the materials of Section 3. [PA] I agree with that isolated statement completely. [TT] In the OT2 materials, LRH says that the entire bank can erase on the first item, as that is the first in the bank. [PA] No he doesn't. Read it again. It's the first two paragraphs of the CCIB. And note that although the CCIB covers the *procedure* of running OT2, the theory about the structure of the bank and so on refers to "the reactive mind", not a single implant. The word "bank" is used to mean both in the theory materials for OT2. [TT] In actual fact, this is what does happen. [PA] No it doesn't. Covered in the write-up above. [TT] Further running of the materials is simply running charge off of bt/c. [PA] The whole thrust of the fucking level is supposed to be running charge off of bt/c! [TT] OT 2 is ran until the pc cognites that is exactly what he is doing. [PA] No it isn't. It's run until all available charge is taken off the materials. F/Ns and cognitions don't matter squat on the level. [TT] Sooner or later, he will figure out that it is NOT his charge that he is running. [PA] Yes. Usually preOTs who have finished OT2 standardly find this out when they study OT3 theory. I don't know anyone who figured it out with any degree of understanding who hadn't read it first. Of course, now a pc who's done nothing at all can read about it on the internet, but I suspect he won't have a reality on it until he has separated out from his composite case cluster at Clear or even some time after that point. [TT] However, you are doing the pc a bit of a disservice by doing this. [PA] By not mentioning it early to him? And how do you do that? The standard action on lower-level pc's is to have questions like "somebody else's charge?" and it keys out the charge and he doesn't get into what it really means and it all works out just fine most of the time at least. [TT] The cos had to do it that way, as OT3 was confidential, the preOT does not have a clue that is what he is doing. [PA] I agree that on a CofS OT2 the preOT does not really know what he is doing. But it runs just fine if he follows the materials exactly. [TT] The entire purpose of OT 2 in the first place is to get the preot to where he can confront and handle the materials of OT3. [PA] Well yes, but if you state it like that you are failing to make the point that the way it is done is by taking massive amounts of charge off the entity case, not by getting the pc to have a cognition somehow or other, especially if he has read in advance what cognition he is supposed to have." [TT] Rather tricky, if you can not tell them what they are doing. [PA] Already covered. [TT] However, this is not particularly important, as the light is the first item in the bank, [PA] Oh no it isn't, at least it isn't on OT II. The light is the first part of the CC implant, and there are lots of them as covered in the CCIB, but there is only one light in each run of the entirety of OT2, and it is in Chapter 7, not Chapter 1. "The light" is part of an implant (see "sleep lights" in HCOB 28 Sep 63 (Tech vols)), not part of the basic reactive mind made up of actual GPM's etc. [TT] and LRH plainly states that the whole bank will erase right there. On the first item. And he is right. [PA] No, he doesn't state that. Covered above. [TT] The main consideration here is that the materials of OT2 are copyrighted. There is no way that any organization out of the cos can have these materials, and deliver them, or anything else, legally. I had to have a way around this, so we could deliver the OT sections without being criminal, drug into court by OSA, devT'd to hell and back, and stopped from delivering, etc. [PA] You're right about the copyrights, and I agree there is no simple solution, and I am not going to wave a magic wand and lay one out. But if the preOT copies out the Fishman Declaration, readily available and in the public domain now I believe [I could be wrong about the public domain bit], at least there is the complete first three chapters or something there. [TT] The first PAIR of OT2 are run to erasure. The rest of the pairs after that simply hang on the basic of the implant. [PA] Not true as covered in the first write-up. [TT] The cc implant again is not ran on a Clear of any sort. However, this is the next earlier incident necessary to run, so again the first RUN of the cc may have to be spotted away, this is the earlier similiar cluster forming incident. We are not running it as an engram, as the clear is not to run engrams. It is SPOTTED away. As-ised, confronted, whatever. [PA] Mostly covered above. Except that the CC implant is slowly handled item by item, GPM by GPR, run by run--it is not spotted in its entirety like a "spot a time you got implanted--thank you; spot a time.... Also, in regard to spotting individual items in the GPM's, verbal items are called aloud per the CCIB; the lights are spotted; the "thetan" is spotted; and the items in the final GPM per run are spotted; but all the rest are called, not spotted. It is a very precise procedure, no "whatever" about it. [TT] However, again, we have the liability of having the entire cc implant being copyrighted. Therefore, we run the first ITEMs. Not pairs, as in OT2. [PA] As above. Also note that not all of OT II is in pairs, if that was being stated. [TT] Obviously, the next earlier incident is Incident One. [PA] It's not obvious at all. The CC is at approx. 1 Quad and Inc 1 is at approx 4 Quad. That's an awfully big length of time between the two general incidents. [TT] Again, this is not run as engram, but it is prepchecked for the pc's own charge. [PA] Again, handling the pc's own Inc 1 is an insignificant aspect of OT3, and isn't part of the level, even well prior to the 1978 embargo on running engrams on clears or above. Quite apart from prepchecking it instead of the regular procedure. [TT] Removing these basic incidents earlier similiar, takes the "bottom" out of the bank for the pre ot, and incidentally, the entire entity bank with thousands of BT/C as well. [PA] Discussed above. [TT] When this is done, the pre OT has no trouble at all finding and running the materials of section 3, what is left of it. :) [PA] Discussed above. [TT] Not only does this produce rapid case gain, [PA] Disputed, as above. [TT] it accomplishes the same results as having the pre OT grind for a long time on misowning charge on the OT 2 implant. [PA] Discussed above. [TT] Going through all of the runs "erasing" things on a clear is nuts. [PA] Discussed above. But just in case anyone forgot, on OT2 you are taking off the entity charge, not the preOT's. [TT] That is much better handled with mock up processing after section 3. [PA] I have no real data on that and won't comment, except to say that mockup processing generally got dropped in 1959 [1960], I believe. [TT] You have to bring him to cause over implanting. That is handled with old ot 5. [PA] A preOT should certainly be at cause over implanting. I don't know the best way to handle it, so am neither agreeing or disagreeing with doing it with original OT5. [PA] I have no more comments about these procedures. I understand the remarks below and leave them alone. I personally object very much to little people trying to block the efforts made by big beings working despite huge obstacles to help others go free. If someone thinks that I am one of those little people for writing this critique in the manner I did, so be it. {/PLAIN}[ADDITIONAL COMMENT RE ABOVE PARAGRAPH--I AM BEING CRITICAL OF TT'S IC2 BUT I APPLAUD TT'S INTENTIONS TO HELP FREE PEOPLE] Dee [Paul] [TT] The entities are easily handled with OT3. That is another copyright problem, but this is simply a matter of re-writing the materials, narrative. It is basically a story, and the materials to handle that story are simply basic scientology principles. Nothing could be copyrighted there, you see. [TT] In the end, you know, I simply do not give a shit. I sometimes why I even bother at all. I am done with my bridge. I know the tech, my immortal future is assured. [TT] I could have a 100% perfect org, delivering all the way to Class 12, and spell the sign outside as Signtology, and there would be some ass hole yammering I was not "Standard Tech" because the sign was spelled wrong. [TT] I don't give a shit. I always said, if they don't like what I do, then go somewhere else. I am trying to help, and I am sick and tired if someone does not like the way I go about things. I am tired to death of trying to handle this bullshit. Honestly. I just don't care anymore, I am not even going to bother. Just validating rumors....Is it true? Lvtobe [TT] Take a look at your statement. That is actually what you are doing. Validating Rumors. And to what purpose? It is as plain as the nose on your face what I do. The lectures are there for the listening, with my complete reasons for everything. [TT] People do not know scientology, when the materials are right under thier nose, they only have to read it. Why in the world do I think they would bother listening to my materials either. [TT] Do your homework, and do what you think is best. All the best: Tommy > --------------------

Message UL003 From: Paul Adams Date: Thu Jun 17, 2004 2:01 am Subject: Getting the most out of OT II --- Roland Aldridge To put it another way, does anyone have any idea what > the hidden data line is re the OT levels? {PLAIN} WARNING: This post discusses in detail the EP of OT II. If you are reading this and have not finished OT II--the real one--fully and honestly, I strongly suggest you do not read the rest of this message as it will *really* screw up your gains when you get to do a real OT II. I supervised Solo - OT III at SH in England from around 1983 to the end of 1985. I did some more later in LA as a staff course sup at ITO around 1994. At SH I had full access to the C/S issues and other materials for the Class VIII course and C/S course and the Solo Review Auditors course. I had no access to NOTs materials. The EP of OT II was problematic, as there was nothing in the materials for a C/S other than what is stated in the OT II materials, i.e. "all available charge off the materials", or something like that. Richard Reiss/Riess did the C/Sing for a while, then Hugh Whitt (non-SO) for a couple of years. I don't know what happened after I left in 1985. Richard and Hugh, both VIII's, were great C/S's. What would happen is this: the preOT would do the theory of II and start to audit. Most would start getting reads, lots of reads, and away they would go. Most, if not all, started off with the idea that they would have to do all ten sets. They would go into session with the *full* set of platens, all 21 chapters, about two inches thick. No-one ever said to me, "At this rate it will take me three years to do all 21 GPM's ten times through, but people seem to get through in a month or so full-time. How come?" It is a logical question, but it didn't occur to me when I did II as a preOT either, for whatever reason. Sometimes a preOT would comment on how long it was taking and they would wonder what the EP was. We would show them the "all available charge off the materials" quote, and they would wearily go away with the false idea that they really had to do ten runs. The reason for this apparent conspiracy of "out-tech" on the part of the AO Tech staff was simple--as soon as a typical preOT knows he doesn't have to do the whole ten runs but can attest when it becomes hard to get any more reads, whammo blammo he's had enough, he tries to attest completion. Why? Well, OT II done properly is hard work, the digging-a-ditch as specified in the materials. Also there is the lure of the famous OT III coming up as soon as he is done on OT II. Also he would usually be away from home for a fixed period of time to "do his OT levels" and there were financial constraints. There may be other reasons. So it would work like this. The guy would bang away until he couldn't get any more reads, usually with lots of F/N's. This could occur anywhere on Run 1. The C/S would say, great, take a day off, enjoy your win. The guy would take a day off, then come back refreshed and bang away again. A bit later, he would run out of reads, and the C/S would repeat the procedure, maybe a few days off. And after another break he would get going again. "All available charge off the levels" is what we were going for. This was not overdone. It was not done to the point of causing a major upset. It was done by caring Tech staff who sincerely wanted everyone going through these fabulous levels to get the full gains available to them, "gains beyond your wildest dreams" as the promo says. One week, neither Richard nor Hugh were C/Sing, and the C/Sing was done by someone else not a Class VIII and not familiar with all the tricks we used to get the most gain for the preOTs. He thought his job was to get the completions stat up, and to get people "up the Bridge". There were *lots* of completions that week, both on II and III, as we used to do a similar thing with III. He knows better now. Different preOTs reached different points of Run 1. In the years I was there, I only recall one person, who reached the end of Run 1, a Sea Org member on a part-time schedule, who must have been slogging away a couple of hours every day for a year. At the end of Run 1 she asked if she had to do all 10 sets. We showed her the reference. She ended up attesting. We were really proud of her, bless her heart. That was one person out of a couple of hundred. The answer to the question, "How long does it take to do OT II?" was always "It takes as long as it takes". If pressed, say by someone coming over from Australia who would be really ARXen if one insisted on only saying that as he had to do major life planning for the visit, this answer changed to, "Most people get through Solo - III in ___ weeks, but it *does* take as long as it takes. We can't promise that you will get through in that amount of time. But we do promise you will get the most gains possible from the levels you get done here." Some preOTs, usually those who had skimped on their lower grades, would dry up after a few items of GPM 1, Run 1. The C/S would do all he could to coax the most charge off that could be gotten, but if nothing worked then the guy was allowed to attest. And he would get onto III and usually find none or only a few to run. After cramming to make sure he was running the procedure correctly, and a clean-up review, he was allowed to attest to III. It was heartbreaking, but in the middle of the Non-Interference Area one has no choice. I would love to say that these people were then handled as Bypassed Cases and forced to get in the lower grades they had missed, but unfortunately it didn't happen. They probably think that Scientology sucks to this day, twenty years later. Not to be confused with the category in the paragraph above, some preOTs would get no reads or very few when they started. A careful examination of what they were doing exactly would turn up they were doing something like looking at the wall in the auditing room to try and "spot the thetan", or looking at the fluorescent tube next to them to "spot the light", or something equally weird. Once this was sorted out, they would usually fly. And here endeth the lesson for today. {/PLAIN} P.

Message UL004 From: Paul Adams Date: Thu Jun 17, 2004 2:05 am Subject: Comments on making legal OT II platens [Originally posted 6/9/04] --- Roland Aldridge wrote: > In practice, it might be hard to defend against such a > charge. You can be sued for anything, no matter > whether you are guilty of the action or not, it's just > going to be up to you to prove that you didn't > infringe on copywrite. The court is not going to be > sympathetic if they think there is any chance that you > are merely winking at such behaviour even if you > didn't get the materials yourself. > > After all, you are requiring other people to commit a > crime in order for you to deliver a service to them > for which you are going to charge money. Not a good > position to be in in front of a judge or jury, I would > say. > > I do think there is a real legal question whether the > plattens are copyable or not. Not the instructions or > the headers or footers - those are clealry copywrite. > But the words themselves are simply words. They don't > have meaning. If one shuffled them around a bit, > would this affect running the level? I don't recall > if they are arranged in the order of the gpms, or are > independent end words within the gpms - but presumably > one could provide instructions to run them in an order > that would amount to the same thing as directly using > the plattens. {PLAIN} Ah, I think this may be a way to go. I read Nick's post too. Thank you both. I wouldn't suggest that every preOT on II gets to work out his own item in English from the synonym provided. From my experience the stress involved in doing that in addition to the normal stress of running the level is a bit much for most. And doing some system like the Pilot's is wild--who knows what would come up, whether from R6, some other implant, or the re-run of "The Matrix" on TV last night. It certainly wouldn't be OT II any more. After all, what makes OT II OT II is the exact wording of the platens--it's not the procedure. The procedure is just a procedure for discharging very heavy implants that made clusters, that works on the CC and R6 part handled on II and would work (I imagine) on any other implant if one had a reliable platen for it. But this is certainly a way to go. Let's say the first GPM is the Fruit GPM. We'll pretend it is just a simple one involving single "code words" with no complications: Apples, No Apples, Bananas, No Bananas, etc. The "platen" then consists of a sheet of words in plain English, one code-word per line. They don't have to, but for simplicity's sake, let's assume they line up vertically (these words in CAPS line up in the original post--they may not as this post goes through the regular internet e-mail transformations). When I went to the store I got some APPLES that were on display as for ages I had had NO APPLES and wanted some. I thought of then having more BANANAS as I had run out of them at home. The idea of having NO BANANAS for another month was more than I could bear. CITRUS fruits are good for cleaning out... Literary masterpieces like that could be made up and openly posted. I say openly--I mean without fear of prosecution from the C of S, I don't mean so that every Tom, Dick and Harry can read them and go wheeeeeeeeeee! One would have to get more inventive with a more complicated GPM, but it doesn't have to be one code-word per line: you could have one "code-word"--actually eight words long, a "code-line"--every three lines of text instead. Someone who delivers "Upper Level II" could openly have a full set of the platens downloaded from the Internet, and have them printed off just as they come, but with the code-words in black and the dunnage in yellow, say. And if he wants another set, he just goes to the Clearbird page that you need a password to access, and downloads another set, without wondering if that site in Greece or Russia has been raided again yet. I believe the mandate of the C of S legal people is to protect the copyrights and to not have those copyrights openly violated. If the materials had *never* been on the Internet there might be some desire to prevent their escape too, but it's too late for that now. I don't believe they are trying to shoot every single last damn one of the horrible squirrels if they dare as much as show a head above ground. "Well, sounds OK in theory, maybe, but you're taking a hell of a risk..." you might think. Agreed. I will write to Helena Kobrin about it. I knew her a little bit when she came to course when I was supervising OSA Int between 1988 and 1993 (approx). The "Will Parley" is not just a joke. I'll find out their exact position. There's no guarantee they won't change it later, but it's the best we'll get. Does anyone know of anyone in the FZ being actively attacked by the CofS Legal Bureau in the last couple of years? The CofS Legal Bureau does not do pickets, or flood a newsgroup with spam. The Legal Bureau sends letters asking one to cease and desist; or threatens suit; or carries one out--the other activites come from the Intelligence Bureau. Or "Information" Bureau as it euphemistically says on the modern org board. Anyone got threat of suit if they didn't cease and desist something? If so, what exactly? And did the threat go away after you changed what was asked for? And were you still able to deliver? {/PLAIN} P.

Message UL005 From: Paul Adams Date: Thu Jun 17, 2004 2:08 am Subject: OT II Theory Drilling {PLAIN} OT2 Theory Drilling Unless they changed it, the OT2 checksheet does not have enough drilling on it. The result is a skipped gradient going into session for the first time. The first session or sessions are stressful enough without unnecessary added randomity from inadequate drilling. What I did successfully with dozens of OT2 students was the following: A. Worksheet drills. This drill *was* on the checksheet. The student drills keeping worksheets, marking the reads exactly per the Clearing Course Instruction Booklet (CCIB), going back several items--and a previous GPM too--as needed to call them again, exactly per the materials. It is *very* important to keep the admin in exactly per the issue. I will give an example of why in a separate message. This drill is done to the full EP of the student being able to do it so easily that under the stress of anaten and things going wrong in an OT2 session he can still keep the admin in enough for the C/S to be able to see what was being run and how it went. Sometimes I drilled this with the student, sometimes a graduate in-between sessions would do it. But I *always* checked it out personally to make sure the student could keep the reads admin in perfectly. The regular model-session type admin I glanced at and corrected if needed, but that one is not nearly as important as the reads sheets. B. Final drill with fruit platens. This is the big omitted on the checksheet. Without it the student goes into his first OT2 session and is faced with a GPM in a strange form and all the randomity is often too much. The first fruit platen given was to accustom the student to the form of most of the GPMs he would encounter on the level. It was something like: 1. Eat Apples 2. Eat No Apples 3. Crunch Apples 4. Crunch No Apples 5. Swallow Apples 6. Swallow No Apples 7. Chew Apples 8. Chew No Apples 9. Digest Apples 10. Digest No Apples # # # It is important the items are each numbered. This platen would be covered with a sheet of opaque paper and the items exposed one by one as needed, just as in a real session. I would have the student call the items *aloud* per the CCIB instructions, and I would show reads by moving a pencil like a meter needle. The student had to mark the read correctly in the right place on the worksheet, and take the correct next action, usually to call the item again. Occasionally the student was asked if he had been drilling "spotting the thetan" per the CCIB while calling the items or between calls. Usually he would say no the first time the question was asked, but afterwards he would remember. Flunks were handled by reference to the exact item in the CCIB violated. The reads were not always instant--I tried to make it as real as possible. This basic platen drill was done to EP. It might have taken two hours or more. Usually I did this drill personally with each student, even though supervisors aren't supposed to do that. But it was very important that the student had it right and I wasn't going to trust this final drilling to another student. If the drilling couldn't be completed within a reasonable time, clearing words as needed, then the guy went off to the word-clearer for an overhaul. When I first started doing these drills, I showed reads by me squeezing the cans. But I found that sometimes genuine meter reads would occur, not squeezed ones, and it would freak out the student that a fruit GPM could produce reads. So I used a pencil after that. The next fruit platen was the "cream" platen, given to simulate the first OT2 GPM. The cream platen had written on it at the top something like, "The end-word of this GPM is the action of cream being dumped on the thetan." "It was intended that he think of himself as a cup of coffee" was optional. 1. Eat (Cream) 2. Eat No (Cream) 3. Swallow (Cream) 4. Swallow No (Cream) 5. Digest (Cream) 6. Digest No (Cream) # # This one usually didn't take long to do. It was there just to introduce the idea of a non-verbal item that had to be spotted, not called. The drill was done like the Apples GPM, with the student marking reads as before. But it was still only ended off when the student could do it perfectly, and it was not skimped. The above two drills were *always* done to EP with *every* student, whether German-speaking, English-speaking, fast-flow, superliterate, Class VI OEC/FEBC senior executive, or whatever. If he didn't get though by 2:00 PM Thursday, tough. There was an optional third drill that I sometimes did and I sometimes didn't. It was similar to the first GPM, but it had non-paired phrases in it too, like "That's what you get for drinking Coca-Cola" "Go away!". Once the student could do all the above easily and he had no questions on the materials, he went and routed through on the theory. He then collected his first platen from the Solo D of P and came back to see the sup to go over the instructions. I would sit down with the student. There was a sheet of opaque paper covering the platen. I would pull it down to expose the first part of the instructions [*never* the actual items to be run], and make sure the guy understood the significance of the instructions on the platen. The first GPM has very confusing data on dates, including a strange notation of tr10,287th or similar. I just used to show the line in the theory materials about dates being part of the implant and the real date is about 75 million. That handled that. There is a line saying "there were 5 runs per implant" or something. One had to make very sure the preOT wasn't going to run the first GPM five times, but just once through, per the theory materials. Lastly he would be shown the form of the implant, which looked confusing until he realized it was the same as the "cream" GPM, which he was comfortable with handling. This all usually took about ten minutes, give or take. Then off to session. Sometimes it went well, and sometimes it didn't, usually depending on how well the case had been set up. But whatever happened, it wasn't because I had screwed up as a sup. {/PLAIN} Paul June 13, 2004

Message UL006 From: Paul Adams Date: Thu Jun 17, 2004 2:13 am Subject: OT II -- What is a "Flat Item"? --- XXXX wrote: > > I think this drilling stuff is good. I've not seen it or anything > like it before. Seems worth preserving somehow - if you don't mind > me forwarding it to someone who might.... {PLAIN} Sure. Send it to whoever needs it. I'm writing this stuff up as a hat write-up for whoever wants it. I like to see tech application improved. It's no good just laying around in my head, and I haven't personally delivered this stuff since 1994. I have no proprietary methods to keep confidential for commercial reasons . I consider anything sent to a relatively open list to be in the public domain, unless it is a private e-mail obviously posted to a list by mistake. I always thought that it was a shame that we couldn't share "our" way of doing it with the other AO's, as it seemed to be very successful. Maybe other AO's had their own little tricks we could have benefited from too if we had only known about them. I will be doing more write-ups. Do whatever you like with them too. > I know you weren't operating as a CS, but there seems to me to be a > lack of information in the materials about what constitutes an item > being flat for the purposes of the level. I was wondering if you had > seen any issues on it? Nope. As I stated before, just what you know about. Apart from general C/Sing expertise, the two main ones on OT2 are well-known, the one giving the "all available charge off the materials" EP and the CCIB issue. > What I mean is, the materials quite obviously state you are looking > for falls, big ones preferably. And one certainly gets those. But > it just says to flatten every item thoroughly without defining what > that is. > > People with training in the modern style could be forgiven for > thinking that no more instant reads, by which they mean falls, is > considered flat. > > I was of the view that, while falls were what was ideally wanted, > *any* kind of read, any tick, any change of characteristic, any slow > in an FN or speeded action on a rise etc was a reaction of some sort > and therefore the item could not be considered flat. Further that > this applied to all reads whether instant, prior or latent. Yet > further still I would even jack up the sensitivity towards the end of > > an item to be really, utterly sure there was nothing on it. > > Also, on top of the above, any stray consideration creeping into the > session, whether it caused meter reaction or not, I also considered > to be evidence of the item not being flat. > > Also I considered three no reads (by which I *really* mean no reads) > was flat. In practice, some parts of the case were so utterly > pissed, perhaps, at going on at an item for so long, I found I could > get two no reads and a "thank fuck for that" LF on the third one. So > > in practice I went for 4 no reads - which usually ended up giving me > 3 no reads and a "thank fuck for that" LF. (Possibly not what LRH > would have written in any bulletin of course - but I was utterly > intent on making sure the damn things were flat come hell or high > water!) It may have taken a long time to flatten an item, but I sure > > didn't have to do anything much by way of back tracking to earlier > items because later ones wouldn't read. > > Frankly I was and am happy with the way I did it, but I was wondering > > if you had seen any issues mentioning this sort of thing? Just the issues mentioned. Although I wasn't the OT2 C/S, I often thought it would be easy to C/S the routine stuff, i.e. 95% of the sessions. The main stable data for C/Sing the level are covered in the CCIB. The first hump to get over is to get good reads on the first few items of GPM 1, Run 1. Good reads = LF's or F's. BD's are OK, of course. It doesn't matter if they are instant, prior or latent, as long as the preOT is corralling "his" attention onto the item. It may be ten reads or a hundred. Once the preOT is running well with good reads, phew, breathe a sigh of relief. Now we know he *can* run it, we pretty much know he will do great on the level. Now we just keep him going. If he got X number of good reads on the first few items, and seems to be doing just fine, then that is a good stable datum. If he starts to get markedly fewer reads per item, then he usually missed something and just needs to go back, per the CCIB. If he starts trying to wring every last bit of charge out of each item, there is a possibility of pulling in charge from later runs, per the CCIB. He would be shown the materials on that point, and normally he would relax a bit and just go forward. It's not like he's going to run out of stuff to do. Getting the platens one chapter at a time could bring about a kind of desperation from scarcity, as in "Wow, The Electrical GPM, 20 incredibly valuable items I've never seen before, I must get the most possible gain out of these precious jewels." This could be handled by standing ten feet away from the preOT so he couldn't read them, then in the space of a second or two flipping through all 21 GPM's so he can see there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of items to run and that's just Run 1, and he doesn't have to hang on like grim death to the first few because they are so scarce. Once a preOT is seen to be running well, the best test for "flat" is whether or not subsequent items run as well as the previous ones. What seemed to work was getting off all the LF's, F's, and sF's, at the end a no-read or two, then onto the next item, getting in buttons as needed. One would see the reads tapering off per item, not suddenly stopping. Obviously this changes as the available charge dwindles approaching the end of the level, and more and more F/N's start creeping in. There are at least two more write-ups to come on OT2: one about a particular C/S error that is instructive, and one overall one on OT2 theory supervision. Then several on OT3 supervision.... {/PLAIN} Paul

Message UL007 From: Paul Adams Date: Thu Jun 17, 2004 8:49 pm Subject: OT2: The Vital Importance of Perfect Reads Admin {PLAIN} But it's just admin, right? Wrong. This example is from around 1993. I was on post as a Staff Courses Supervisor at the International Training Org in Los Angeles. We weren't running a fully-fledged AO there, but we were doing most of the functions on a stop-gap basis as a service for the upper middle-management orgs in the Hollywood Guaranty Building like the Flag Bureau, OSA Int, WISE Int and so on. This was so they didn't have to traipse all the way over to AOLA--a whole three miles--to get serviced. At the time I was the staff courses practical sup, and I did the solo work as needed. I'm not going to use real names as they are not relevant, but all the other data is accurate. The ITO C/S, Mary, was a highly experienced Class VIII. She had just completed the Solo C/S course and internship so that she could C/S OT I through III for the HGB staff. She was not an experienced Solo C/S, having just done enough to get through the course at AOLA so she could C/S those levels in the HGB. The solo auditor, Georgie, had been trained on OT2 at AOLA. At the time she was on an admin post, but prior to that she had been an ITO HGC auditor, and was a Grad V and had also received a video pass from the Snr C/S Int Office as a Senior Sec Checker. That last really means something. I don't recall why she was no longer in the HGC--maybe she had insisted on wearing the wrong color nail polish or something. And you think I'm joking! Anyway, both these people were highly-trained tech terminals who had survived for years on one of the hottest tech lines on the planet. Neither of these people were dummies. I'm only giving all these details to point out that if they could have screwed up as badly as you are about to read, it could happen anywhere. One day Georgie came to see me to help her out a bit. We went off to the separate room I used for these levels. Georgie had been solo'ing on OT II for a while, and had been getting lots and lots of reads, but wasn't feeling very good case-wise and wanted to get sorted out. She had heard that I knew my onions and she wanted me personally to help her, not her usual technical terminals at AOLA. She pointed to the area that was giving her trouble and asked some question about it. Knowing that the trouble almost certainly lay elsewhere if she couldn't spot it herself, and she was a smart cookie, I told her to wait a bit while I looked over the whole of what she had been doing. I hadn't trained her and I didn't know what she had been taught, or what to expect. The first thing I did was to work on pulling all the reads sheets together and putting them in order and paperclipped together. Georgie had been putting the reads sheets for each session behind the regular worksheets for each session, not keeping them all together in one large pile, and none of the dumb fuckers C/Sing her had done anything about it. Also some of the admin at the top of each reads sheet was missing. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but without the reads admin exactly correct you can't tell what's going on, so it is just getting to square A so you can start debugging *anything*. I worked with Georgie for an hour getting it all sorted out. She thought it was dev-t, but she went along with it as she thought I was going to answer her questions later or something. So here we are an hour later, and I'm still trying to put it all in order. Remember there are some missing GPM names at the top of the reads sheets. Something didn't look quite right, so I dug up all the platens too so I could compare item numbers with what was on the reads sheets and make sure we got it all correct. At last it was all straightened out. And you know what? She had jumped from Run 1, GPM 3 to Run 1, GPM 8 and no-one had noticed! Not the solo auditor, not the C/S, not the Qual Consultant or whoever it was, no-one. She was still getting maybe fifty or a hundred reads per item, but she had *completely* skipped 5 GPMs. Or whatever the actual GPM's were--it could have been some others, but I know she had skipped several entire GPM's. Realizing that blew some charge for her! All this because some "tech" people thought that it was unimportant to keep the reads sheets exactly per the Clearing Course Instruction Booklet issue. {/PLAIN} Paul

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