Objectives Program

This is a general one-size-fits-most program for a TRs and Objectives Course. This course is normally done in a co-audit format in a courseroom with a twin. There is a course supervisor applying sup tech and ensuring each student applies study tech; each student has a twin he is responsible for. A student studies the theory of and does TRs 0-9, up to the level needed to get results on the course. This might take a week full time. He then studies general auditing theory, then the theory of each objectives action to be audited. He gets checked out on the theory, then drills it with his twin and gets passed by the supervisor. They then go into session, best done right there under the eye of the auditing supervisor in a common room. The session is then written up and reviewed by a trained case supervisor. Any errors that need correcting are fixed, the student does whatever word-clearing or drilling is needed, and they get back in session the next day or so.

When done right, this can produce wonderful gains at an economical cost. The student gets to audit and get wins on his pc, and gets to receive good quality auditing himself. In addition to twenty or thirty hours spent doing TRs, he might give fifty hours auditing and receive fifty hours. All good stuff when done right.

What is available via PaulsRobot is a pale reflection of all this good stuff. Obviously there is no way to replicate the experience above. No computer set-up in the forseeable future is going to drill TR-9 and have you run correct Tone 40 8C on a person.

But you might be surprised how much can be done via well-written computer programs. And remember that the comparison above was done against an ideal scene. There are many cases of a student enrolled on a course who had trouble finding a twin, and the sup was lousy, and there was no real C/S, and....

All the PaulsRobot programs are offered here on the basis of "It might not be perfect, but it is a lot better than nothing". Please accept them in this spirit. As I said, you just might be surprised indeed at how much can be achieved in this way.

Paul Adams

Objectives Actions

Objectives actions currently available via PaulsRobot programs are linked. Many can usefully be done via webcam. The normal TRs and Objectives Robot program is done in the sequence numbered.
  1. TRs 0-4
  2. TR-6 (?)
  3. [TR-7]
  4. TR-8 (?)
  5. [TR-9]
  6. CCHs 1-4
  7. CCH 5
  8. CCH 6
  9. CCH 7
  10. CCH 8
  11. CCH 9
  12. CCH 10
  13. S-C-S on a body
  14. Opening Procedure of 8-C (Part A)
  15. Opening Procedure of 8-C (Part B)
  16. Opening Procedure of 8-C (Part C)
  17. Opening Procedure by Duplication