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You must be familiar with the Rub & Yawn procedure at before attempting to use Paul's Robot Auditor to run any other actions, or it will not work for you at all, even if you are a Class XII.

There is a Tech FAQ, which goes into the theory of what is going on and what can be done and what cannot be done by Paul's Robot Auditor.

There are eight YouTube videos that deliver sessions to the viewer without requiring any interactive mouse-clicks mid-session.

There is a Yawnguy site at, aimed at the non-Scn public, listing out all the goodies.

There is the Yawn and Grow Rich Course, based on Napoleon Hill's famous Think and Grow Rich book, at I believe that following exactly the instructions in this book is the best way to become at cause over one's life and environment, not thousands and thousands of hours in session. The course contains the full text of the book, along with new techniques to overcome the barriers to applying these points.

Actions currently available via Paul's Robot programs are linked. The actions that seem to be able to be usefully done over a webcam are marked "(w)". Those planned to be available are marked with the planned date, e.g. (2007). The normal TRs and Objectives Robot program is done in the sequence numbered. Paul believes the actions marked in square brackets cannot be Robotted or webcammed! Unknown re the "(?)" ones.

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