Topics Covered in TR-4:

Section 1: Coach | Student

  • Basic origin handling as coach
  • Basic origin handling as student

Section 2: Coach | Student

  • Clarifying the origin
  • Differentiating between origins and comments

Section 3: Coach | Student

  • Differentiating between clarifying the origin, and a Q&A
  • Handling a pc's equivocal answer
  • Comm lag: Is pc looking in bank for answer, or is he out of session?

Section 4: Coach | Student

  • Just telling the pc to "SHUT UP!"
  • Differentiating between ending session now, and returning to session
  • All of the above points, including Sections 1-3
  • Checking all earlier TRs are in too

TR-4 as Student: Section 2

Page 2 of 2: Drill 2

Have a real doll or teddy bear or something in front of you to be a terminal you can say things to. Don't just talk out into open space and imagine someone or something there.

  1. You are still playing the part of the student.

  2. Click on "TR-4: Start" and hear the coach start the drill. Close that start window.

  3. This is Drill 2, with the emphasis on differentiating between comments and originations. The remarks in Drill 2 will be a mixture of comments and origins. Some will be obvious comments, some will be obvious origins, and some will need to be clarified to determine which they are. Assume there have already been a few "Do birds fly?--Yes--Thank you" exchanges. Say aloud to the doll, "Do birds fly?" Click on the link Item 01.

  4. You will hear the pc say something. It may be self-explanatory, or it may require further clarification.

  5. If it makes complete sense to you, then it will not require clarification. In this case, determine if it is a comment that can safely be ignored, or if it is an origin that requires a proper acknowledgement. Then say aloud the right thing, and click the appropriate link "Comment" or "Origin" to enter your action into the computer.

  6. If the remark required clarification, say (aloud) something appropriate to the pc, like "I didn't get that last?" or "What's up?" or whatever, and click on the "(Clarify)" link for "I asked the pc to clarify his remark".

  7. If clarification was needed, the pc will give enough information for you to understand what he was saying, and to determine if this is a comment or a simple origination. If it is a comment then you need do no more with it, but remember you need to ack the pc for answering your question about it! Then give the repeat statement and return pc to session.

  8. If the clarification reveals that it is a simple origination, then acknowledge the pc, both for the clarification and for the origination, then give the repeat statement, and repeat the auditing question, "Do birds fly?". Also click on the "Origin" link for "I acked the origin, and returned pc to session".

  9. The computer will give the usual "Good" or "Flunk" indications. Close out any open windows as normal. Do the items through to Item 20. Repeat as needed.

Things to Click:

TR-4: Start

My student/auditor actions:

Item 01: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 02: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 03: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 04: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 05: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 06: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 07: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 08: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 09: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 10: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 11: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 12: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 13: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 14: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 15: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 16: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 17: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 18: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 19: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin
Item 20: (Clarify) | Comment | Origin

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