Topics Covered in TR-4:

Section 1: Coach | Student

  • Basic origin handling as coach
  • Basic origin handling as student

Section 2: Coach | Student

  • Clarifying the origin
  • Differentiating between origins and comments

Section 3: Coach | Student

  • Differentiating between clarifying the origin, and a Q&A
  • Handling a pc's equivocal answer
  • Comm lag: Is pc looking in bank for answer, or is he out of session?

Section 4: Coach | Student

  • Just telling the pc to "SHUT UP!"
  • Differentiating between ending session now, and returning to session
  • All of the above points, including Sections 1-3
  • Checking all earlier TRs are in too

TR-4 as Student: Section 1

Page 1 of 2: Drill 1

Place a real doll or teddy bear or something in front of you to be a terminal you can say things to. Don't just talk out into open space and imagine someone or something there.

  1. Now you will play the part of the student.

  2. Click on "TR-4: Start" and hear the coach start the drill. Close that start window.

  3. This is Drill 1. Say aloud to the doll, "Do birds fly?" Click on the link, "I asked 1st question".

  4. You will hear the pc say, "Yes, they do".

  5. Acknowledge this aloud to the pc. Click on the link that says, "I acked an answer". Note the coach will softly say "Good".

  6. Say aloud to the doll, "Do birds fly?" Click on the link, "I asked the second question".

  7. You will hear the pc say, "I've been doing much better since that session yesterday".

  8. Note this is a simple origination that does not require any clarification in order to be understood. Acknowledge it aloud, "Great!" (or whatever), "Let's continue...Do birds fly?" Also click the "I understood origin, acked, returned" link.

  9. Note the coach saying softly "good", then the pc answering the auditing question with "Definitely". Close out the small windows.

  10. Repeat these steps until you're comfortable with this procedure.

Things to Click:

TR-4: Start

My student/auditor actions:

I asked 1st question
I acknowledged an answer
I asked 2nd question
I understood origin, acked, returned

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