Topics Covered in TR-4:

Section 1: Coach | Student

  • Basic origin handling as coach
  • Basic origin handling as student

Section 2: Coach | Student

  • Clarifying the origin
  • Differentiating between origins and comments

Section 3: Coach | Student

  • Differentiating between clarifying the origin, and a Q&A
  • Handling a pc's equivocal answer
  • Comm lag: Is pc looking in bank for answer, or is he out of session?

Section 4: Coach | Student

  • Just telling the pc to "SHUT UP!"
  • Differentiating between ending session now, and returning to session
  • All of the above points, including Sections 1-3
  • Checking all earlier TRs are in too

TR-4 as Coach and Pc: Section 3

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The emphasis in this drill is on differentiating between clarifying the origination, and getting into a Q&A.

The purpose of clarifying the origin is to get enough information, but how much is enough?

The amount of information you need to know is determined by how much you need to know in that session, not how much information the pc knows about it, or how much is needed to ultimately handle the situation.

For example, pc says he is about to vomit, and looks like it. The obvious immediate response is to reach for the waste bin or other suitable receptacle, then some tissues. In a TR-4 drill, the coach/pc would then either mock up vomiting or feeling better, and the drill would continue with the repeat statement etc.

Up to now, we have just been handling "simple originations", where the origin was no big deal and the pc was happy just to mention it and get acked and then get on with the session. But what would constitute a "complex origination"?

Auditor: Do fish swim?
Pc: I learned just before session that I might only have a month to live.

Now, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I get it. Is it OK with you if we continue the session?" is not likely to work, as it does not show sufficent sincere concern to maintain the ARC.

More realistic would be:
Auditor: Do fish swim?
Pc: I learned just before session that I might only have a month to live.
Auditor: Holy crap! What's that about?
Pc: I told the DofP a couple of weeks ago that my doctor was worried about cancer although I wasn't, and he insisted on having some tests done. They came back, and he called me in urgently this morning and gave me the news.
Auditor: Wow. Look, this program we are running doesn't address that area at all. I should get the folder back to the C/S to have a look at it. Is it OK with you if we just finish off this process, then we'll end session and get the folder back to the C/S?
Pc: Sure.
Auditor: Fair enough. I'll repeat etc.

Another example might be:
Auditor: Do fish swim?
Pc: You know, I had a fight with my brother yesterday and shot him in the chest.
Auditor: You DID?!!
Pc: Yeah. We haven't got on well for years, and we got into an argument, and I had just had enough. I dumped the body in the woods.
Auditor: Jesus Christ! Have you told anyone, apart from me just now?
Pc: No.
Auditor: I hear you. You know we'll have to go to the police after the session?
Pc: Yeah, I figured that, it's OK.
Auditor: All right. Let's just wrap up the session, then we'll do what we have to do.
Pc: No problem.
Auditor: (Nods an ack). I'll repeat...

A less melodramatic example:
Auditor: Do fish swim?
Pc: You know, my car got towed just before session and I don't know if I'll be able to pick up my kids from school this afternoon.
Auditor: Oh. That's a bummer. What do we need to do about it?
Pc: You know, if I could call my wife, she might be able to do it just this once.
Auditor: Sure. We'll take a quick break. Here's my cell-phone.
Pc: (Calls wife and sorts it out on the spot). That seems OK.
Auditor: Got it on the kids. Does the towing bother you too much to continue with this process we're doing?
Pc: (Thinks for a moment) Nah, it's OK.
Auditor: Great. (Restarts session). I'll repeat...

This is TR-4. Something that would require the real ending of the session for more than a quick break is really outside the scope of this drill, but will be taken up in Section 4.

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