Topics Covered in TR-2:

Section 1: Coach | Student

  • Basic TR-2 as student and coach/pc
  • The auditor showing he has heard and understood what was said
  • Ending the cycle of communication

Section 2: Coach | Student

  • Most important aspect is seeing that the ack has been received
  • Understanding what pc said: "What did I just say?"

Section 3: Coach | Student

  • Not just using "Good", "Fine", "OK", "Thank you"
  • Appropriate acks
  • Premature Acknowledgements and Double Acknowledgements

Section 4: Coach | Student

  • Expressing mood with an ack
  • No inval/eval allowed in an ack
  • When is it okay to NOT get what the pc says?
  • Answering a question where a mere ack is inappropriate
  • All the above, including Sections 1-3

TR-2 as Student: Section 2

Page 1 of 1: Drill 1

Here you will be making and reviewing short recordings of your voice. Refer back to the instructions page if you need to. It is a waste of time to try and do this drill here without a microphone.
  1. You are going to be giving acknowledgements in such as way as to end the communication cycle.

  2. Click on "TR-2: Start" and hear the coach start the drill. Close that start window.

  3. Play Item 1. The pc will say, "Where are you?".

  4. Start recording. Give an "acknowledgement" that ends the cycle of communication, as best you can.

  5. Close out the movie for Item 1.

  6. Listen to the recording you just made. Then, under "My student/auditor actions", click the option that most closely describes what you just heard. Either, "I ended the comm cycle" or "I continued the comm cycle".

  7. Note the coaching response, either "Good" or "Flunk! It didn't end the cycle. Start!" Close out the open movie/window.

  8. Go onto the next item, and repeat the procedure.

  9. A few times in the twenty items, instead of being given a new line you will be asked "What did I just say?" In this case, repeat back the previous item that you have already acknowledged. Then click on the appropriate line, either "I remembered the line and gave it back" or "I didn't remember the line properly". You can always check if you got it right by replaying the previous line. You will hear a coaching remark based on your response.

  10. If you didn't get what was said at the time it was being said, ask for a repeat. "I'm sorry, I didn't get what you said?", and click the link again.

  11. In session, you won't be able to click on the pc for a replay, but you will be able to ask him to say it again. So just get into the habit of asking for a repeat if you didn't get it the first time. Don't use the word "you" in this request as the session is the auditor's responsibility. Just say something like you're sorry but you didn't get it, rather than "Hey dummy--speak more clearly!"

  12. Repeat this drill if you wish.

Things to Click:

TR-2: Start

My student/auditor actions:

I continued the comm cycle
I ended the comm cycle

I repeated back the line OK
I didn't give back the line OK

Item 01
Item 02
Item 03
Item 04
Item 05
Item 06
Item 07
Item 08
Item 09
Item 10
Item 11
Item 12
Item 13
Item 14
Item 15
Item 16
Item 17
Item 18
Item 19
Item 20

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