Topics Covered in TR-2 1/2:

Section 1: Coach | Student

  • Basic TR-2 1/2 as student and coach/pc
  • The auditor gently encouraging the pc to say more

Section 2: Coach | Student

  • End the comm cycle or continue the comm cycle?

Section 3: Coach | Student

  • When to use "Please continue" or "Go on, I'm listening" etc. and when to use "uh-huh" etc.
  • Curbing excessive half-acks

Section 4: Coach | Student

  • Comm lag: Is it okay to half-ack when pc is looking in his bank?
  • All the above, including Sections 1-3

Anaten | Rub

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TRs 0-4 instructions

TR-2 1/2 as Coach/Pc: Section 2

Page 2 of 2: Drill 1 (page 2 of 2)

Have a doll in front of you.

  1. Say aloud "TR 2 1/2. Start!"

  2. Click on Item 01a. You will hear a line from Alice.

  3. Click on Item 01b. You will hear a "half-ack", maybe a good one and maybe a bad one.

  4. Close out these two movies if you have not already done so.

  5. Grade the student's performance in giving a correct half-ack, and in doing so you will be graded in turn on your coaching. For the sake of this drill, a good half-ack will continue the comm cycle, and a bad half-ack will end the comm cycle.

  6. Do this by saying aloud either "Good", or "Flunk! You ended the comm cycle" (or whatever is appropriate). "Start!" and also clicking on the appropriate link.

  7. Close out the window giving your "Correct"/"Incorrect" coaching grade, and go on to the next Item.

  8. Repeat this procedure through all twenty items.

  9. If you wish, you can say the lines out loud yourself. They are given in the sequence shown to the right. If your lines approximate those already recorded, then it will all work out OK.

  10. Repeat this drill if you wish.

Things to Click:

My c o a c h   g r a d i n g s of student actions:

Item 01a | 01b | Good | Flunk
Item 02a | 02b | Good | Flunk
Item 03a | 03b | Good | Flunk
Item 04a | 04b | Good | Flunk
Item 05a | 05b | Good | Flunk
Item 06a | 06b | Good | Flunk
Item 07a | 07b | Good | Flunk
Item 08a | 08b | Good | Flunk
Item 09a | 09b | Good | Flunk
Item 10a | 10b | Good | Flunk
Item 11a | 11b | Good | Flunk
Item 12a | 12b | Good | Flunk
Item 13a | 13b | Good | Flunk
Item 14a | 14b | Good | Flunk
Item 15a | 15b | Good | Flunk
Item 16a | 16b | Good | Flunk
Item 17a | 17b | Good | Flunk
Item 18a | 18b | Good | Flunk
Item 19a | 19b | Good | Flunk
Item 20a | 20b | Good | Flunk

Alice List 7:

"Catch him, you by the hedge".
"Hold up his head--Brandy now--Don't choke him".
"How was it, old fellow?"
"What happened to you? Tell us all about it!"
"I'm better now--but I'm a deal too flustered to tell you".

"All I know is, something comes at me like a Jack-in-the-box, and up I goes like a sky-rocket!"
"We must burn the house down".
"I wonder what they will do next".
"If they had any sense, they'd take the roof off".
"A barrowful will do, to begin with".

"A barrowful of what?"
"You'd better not do that again".
"If I eat one of these cakes, it's sure to make some change in my size".
"As it can't possibly make me larger, it must make me smaller, I suppose".
"The first thing I've got to do is to grow to my right size again".

"I think that will be the best plan".
"Poor little thing".
"And yet what a dear little puppy it was".
"I suppose I ought to eat or drink something or other; but the great question is, what?"
"Who are you?"