Topics Covered in TR-2 1/2:

Section 1: Coach | Student

  • Basic TR-2 1/2 as student and coach/pc
  • The auditor gently encouraging the pc to say more

Section 2: Coach | Student

  • Realistic drilling on TR-2 1/2

Section 3: Coach | Student

  • When to use "Please continue" or "Go on, I'm listening" etc. and when to use "uh-huh" etc.
  • Curbing excessive half-acks

Section 4: Coach | Student

  • Comm lag: Is it okay to half-ack when pc is looking in his bank?
  • All the above, including Sections 1-3

TR-2 1/2 as Coach/Pc: Section 1

Page 1 of 5: Example

Place a real doll or teddy bear or something in front of you to be a terminal you can say things to. Don't just talk out into open space and imagine someone or something there.
  1. Click on the example. Note:
    • the coach saying "TR2 1/2. Start!"
    • the pc giving a line, "What a curious feeling".
    • the student giving an ack that does not end cycle, but encourages the coach to continue: "uh-huh...?"
    • the coach saying, "Good"
    • the coach giving a line, "Which way?"
    • the student giving a full response, that ends the comm cycle, "Up!"
    • the coach saying "Flunk! That ended the cycle. Start!"
    • the coach giving the same line, "Which way?"
    • the student giving a half-ack in a way that continues the comm cycle, "Yeah...?"
    • the coach saying, "Good".

  2. Listen to this a few more times if you need to.

  3. Close out that example.

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Anaten | Rub

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