Topics Covered in TR-1:

Section 1: Coach | Student

  • Basic TR-1 as coach/pc and student
  • Being yourself, not someone else

Section 2: Coach | Student

  • More on making it your own, not the book's
  • Not too loud, not too soft
  • Not too fast, not too slow

Section 3: Coach | Student

  • Speaking clearly
  • Correct timing, got pc's attention

Section 4: Coach | Student

  • Correct consideration
  • Correct intention
  • All of the above points, including Sections 1-3

Anaten | Rub

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TRs 0-4 instructions

TR-1 as Student: Section 3

Page 2 of 2: Drill 2

Have a doll to talk to in this drill. For this one, you do not need to record your voice.

  1. In this drill, you will be saying various lines, but concentrating on the timing.

  2. Say a TR-1 line from Alice. Click on "Drill 2". The coach will say, "All right, that was OK".

  3. Say the top line to the coach, but get the timing wrong. Say it too soon. Talk while the coach is still talking--cut his comm.

  4. Click on "Drill 2" again. Say the same line again, but this time, wait...wait...delay too long. Put a definite comm lag in there after the coach has finished talking, one that would be far longer than expected.

  5. Click on "Drill 2" again. This time, aim at getting the timing right. Don't cut the coach's comm, but also don't delay before giving the next command.

  6. Repeat with all twenty lines.

Things to Click:

Drill 2

My student/auditor actions:

It was too soon
The timing was just right
It was too late

Alice List 2:

"Don't let me hear the name again!"
"Oh, I beg your pardon!"
"Don't be angry about it".
"We won't talk about her any more if you'd rather not".
"Don't let me hear the name again!"

"Are you fond--of--of dogs?"
"I'm afraid I've offended it again!"
"I am older than you, and must know better".
"Sit down, all of you, and listen to me".
"Are you all ready?"

"Did you speak?"
"Not I!"
"Stigand, the patriotic archbishop of Canterbury, found it advisable--"
"Found what?"

"I know what 'it' means well enough, when I find a thing".
"How are you getting on now, my dear?"
"As wet as ever".
"I move that the meeting adjourn, for the immediate adoption of more energetic remedies--"
"Speak English!"