Topics Covered in TR-0:

Section 1: Coach | Student

  • Basic TR-0 for five minutes total
  • Flunk gross movements. A few twitches are OK.

Section 2: Coach | Student

  • Basic TR-0 for fifteen minutes total
  • Flunk any movements or twitches.
  • A bit of going out of PT is OK.

Section 3: Coach | Student

  • TR-0 for fifteen minutes, done properly. Twitch = restart.
  • Flunk any going out of PT.
  • Flunk any discomfort or tension observed.

Section 4: Coach | Student

  • TR-0 for thirty minutes, done properly. Twitch = restart.
  • As Section 3, but for thirty minutes.

TR-0 as Coach: Section 2

Page 1 of 1: Drills 1-3

You're a coach for a fifteen minutes or so.
  1. Sit in front of the computer screen.

  2. As coach, say "TR-0. Start".

  3. Play Drill 1. A Flash movie will play for about one minute. The student will move twice during this movie. Note the student moving the first time and the word that flashes on the screen. As coach, immediately say aloud: "Flunk! You moved. Start!"
    --The student will stop moving and will be still after a second if you say anything or not. To preserve the reality of this drill, play the game and flunk him as soon as he starts moving.

  4. Write down the word that appears on the screen. Continue to play the same Flash movie--you don't have to stop it when you flunk the student.

  5. Near the end of the minute, the student will again move briefly and another word will flash on the screen. Flunk the student, and write down that word too. You can close out that movie now.

  6. The purpose of this is so that you pay attention closely throughout the whole of the movie. If you let your attention wander, you will miss the student moving, and the code-word. Get the idea?

  7. Now enter the words (using all lower case letters, no Capitals) as a web page address in your browser. Let's say the first word is "one" and the second is "two". The web address of this page you are reading right now is:

    Change the end of it so the new address in your browser is:

    That is each of the code-words from the movie with an underscore "_" between them, followed by the usual ".htm". You have to enter the text by hand, not click on some link. Just hit "Enter", and that page will display a "Very good" message. If you get some "Page not found" message, then you entered the page name wrongly.

  8. Drill 2 works the same way, except it is five minutes long and somewhere in those five minutes will be three movements and three words. Again, each time note the student moving, and as coach, say aloud: "Flunk! You moved. Start!" and write down the word that flashes on the screen. Three words in all. This time, string them all together with an underscore between, such as:

  9. Close out that drill movie.

  10. Play Drill 3. Same deal, except it runs for fifteen minutes and contains three movements, three words. Flunk the student aloud each time, write down the word, and at the end type the combined page address into your browser address bar: (or whatever).

  11. Close out that drill movie.

  12. End off the drilling for now by saying aloud, "That's it".

  13. Hit "Rub" and do the usual rub thing for a minute or more until any unexpressed yawns are discharged.

  14. Hit "Next".

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