Topics Covered in TR-0 BB:

Section 1: Coach | Student

  • Basic TR-0 BB for a few minutes total.
  • Gross movements are flunked. A few twitches are OK.

Section 2: Coach | Student

  • Basic TR-0 BB for fifteen minutes total.
  • Any movements or twitches are flunked, but a bit of going out of PT is OK.
  • Bullbaiting on general subjects: appearance; sex and 2D; bodies; blood & guts; miscellaneous.

Section 3: Coach | Student

  • TR-0 BB for fifteen minutes, done properly. Reaction = restart.
  • More bullbait on general subjects.
  • Bullbaiting on subjects you are personally touchy on
  • Flunk on any student reaction, going out of PT, discomfort or tension observed.

Section 4: Coach | Student

  • TR-0 BB for thirty minutes, done properly. Reaction = restart.
  • As Section 3, but for thirty minutes.

TR-0 Bullbait as Coach and Pc: Section 2

Page 2 of 2: Drills 2, 3

You're still a coach/pc for about fifteen minutes.
  1. Sit in front of the computer screen.

  2. Play Drill 2. This is a Flash movie five minutes long.

  3. The student will react as in Drill 1. The student may react just once, or he may react ten times in a row. If he reacts, just flunk him and repeat what you were bullbaiting him on just before he reacted, until he no longer reacts. Remember that a person's buttons are personal, and what one person may find innocuous may have another curled up for hours.

  4. The student will react at more than one point in the five minutes. So you need to keep bullbaiting throughout the entire five minutes.

  5. Remember to flunk him aloud each time he reacts: "Flunk! You smiled. Start!" or "Flunk! You moved. Start" or as appropriate.

  6. Play Drill 3. This is a Flash movie ten minutes long. Again, the student will react an unspecified number of times throughout the movie. Each time he reacts, he will repeat the reaction some seconds later, an unspecified number of times. Maybe only once.

  7. There will not be a pause longer than ten seconds if it supposed to be the same thing being reacted to. So if the student has not reacted for at least fifteen seconds, it is safe to go on to another topic.

  8. Repeat this drill if you wish.

  9. As coach, announce "That's it" when you have finished drilling for now. Now you are no longer drilling, but you should continue with this TRs 0-4 program until you reach the end of this time period you set for yourself.

  10. Hit "Next" for the next drill.

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