Topics Covered in TR-0 BB:

Section 1: Coach | Student

  • Basic TR-0 BB for a few minutes total.
  • Gross movements are flunked. A few twitches are OK.

Section 2: Coach | Student

  • Basic TR-0 BB for fifteen minutes total.
  • Any movements or twitches are flunked, but a bit of going out of PT is OK.
  • Bullbaiting on general subjects: appearance; sex and 2D; bodies; blood & guts; miscellaneous.

Section 3: Coach | Student

  • TR-0 BB for fifteen minutes, done properly. Reaction = restart.
  • More bullbait on general subjects.
  • Bullbaiting on subjects you are personally touchy on
  • Flunk on any student reaction, going out of PT, discomfort or tension observed.

Section 4: Coach | Student

  • TR-0 BB for thirty minutes, done properly. Reaction = restart.
  • As Section 3, but for thirty minutes.

TR-0 Bullbait as Coach and Pc: Section 2

Page 1 of 2: Drill 1

You're a coach/pc for about fifteen minutes.
  1. Sit in front of the computer screen.

  2. As coach, start the drilling period. Say aloud, "TR-0 Bullbait. Start!"

  3. Play Drill 1. This is a Flash movie two minutes long. It starts with the student "doing TR-0". After a certain time, the student will "react". He will stop moving shortly afterwards, and continue "doing TR-0". After five seconds he will "react" again, then continue with TR-0. After a further ten seconds, he will "react" a third time, then continue with TR-0. He will not "react" further this time.

  4. This is supposed to simulate what happens in a real life bullbaiting session, i.e. the student is bullbaited, then reacts, and is flunked for it. The bullbaiter repeats the exact same topic in the same words and actions as produced the reaction. The student reacts again, and is again flunked for it. And a third time. Then the student gets it under control and does not react when he is bullbaited further on that exact topic in the same way. Although he may react further on a related area.

  5. It is important to reproduce the exact same words and actions as produced the reaction. It is not only the words that are important, but also the tone of voice, your facial expression, any arm movements. The thing is, you don't really know what aspects of what you just presented to the person are restimulative to him--it may not just be the text of what was said. You are probably familiar with the expression, "It's not so much what he said but the way he said it". In the same way, repeat the whole deal here, not just the words.

  6. Of course, all this only makes sense if you are playing along with the action and are providing the bullbaiting remarks and motions for the student in the movie to "react" to. It is not designed for you to just sit and watch it like a TV show. It is designed partly to get you into the swing of coaching a regular bullbaiting session in the proper form.

  7. But it is also designed to bring you out of yourself to some extent. Many people find that in bullbaiting another on that person's possible buttons they also improve in their ability to confront their own buttons. And this is the main purpose of your bullbaiting a non-sentient computer screen.

  8. Put whatever beingness or identity you wish into that student face on the screen. Say whatever you wish to that mocked-up person. Get it off your chest. Say or act out those words you never dared put before to your "boss" or "parent" or "friend" or "relative" or whoever.

  9. In future drills the length of each movie will be given, but the reactions will not be announced ahead of time. The student may react just once, or he may react ten times in a row. If he reacts, just flunk him and repeat what you were bullbaiting him on just before he reacted, until he no longer reacts. Remember that a person's buttons are personal, and what one person may find innocuous may have another curled up for hours.

  10. There is no computer grading of your coaching actions this time.

  11. Hit "Next" for the next drill.

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