Topics Covered in OT TR-0:

Section 1

  • Basic OT TR-0 for five minutes total

Section 2

  • Basic OT TR-0 for fifteen minutes total

Section 3

  • OT TR-0 for fifteen minutes, done properly. Twitch = restart.

Section 4

  • OT TR-0 for thirty minutes, done properly. Twitch = restart.

OT TR-0: Section 2

  1. Sit in front of a large mirror or webcam.

  2. Start fifteen minutes on the alarm timer. It doesn't have to be accurate to the second.

  3. Close your eyes and be aware of your physical surroundings (noises in the room, pressure of the chair against your body etc.).

  4. "Confronting"--being able to face someone or something without flinching or avoiding it--is not part of OT TR-0. Confronting is part of TR-0, the next drill.

  5. Try to remain aware of the room for the fifteen minutes. Do not continue past fifteen minutes this time even if you think you should do more.

  6. Open your eyes when the alarm sounds after the fifteen minutes.

  7. Hit "Anaten | Rub" and discharge any yawns.

  8. Hit "Next".

Things to Click:

Anaten | Rub

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