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Latest update August 5, 2006

This paragraph is the only change for Aug 5, 2006. I just added the Free Online Robot Auditor at http://www.fzglobal.org/robot, based on the procedure covered in this write-up. I've been auditing some more of it lately--it still works very well indeed.

For several days I had been working on putting together some prepared lists so I would have them available when needed. I am using the online Clearbird versions to minimise copyright hassles. The prepared lists I am reformatting into a form that I like, but making very few changes otherwise. On the grades process sheets, to be used as a checklist inside a pc folder, I am reformatting and correcting the flows where they are misworded, as I have posted about earlier.

I started thinking about R2-60 on Grade 0. In the book Creation of Human Ability, where this process is introduced, LRH talks about the first command running for several hours, turning on ridges and somatics, comm lags needing to be flattened, etc. etc. And there are about eighty commands. But how much time is consumed in running this process on Grade 0 with your average auditor and pc?

A year ago, before I had done much auditing on Level 0 (as an auditor), I asked a question on a FZ list. It went something like this: "In sec checking, part of the procedure that must be done is to groove in the question. The pc has to become involved with it, to see how it relates to his own life. Only when the area is thoroughly worked over is it then checked for a read, on the theory that if there is anything there to be restimulated it would have been by now. My question is, does anyone do a similar thing on Grades processes? On a rudiment, one doesn't deliberately try to restimulate anything, as all one is interested in doing is de-stimulating any BPC that has already been stirred up, not stirring up more. But on a Grades process one should be doing the restimulate-destimulate thing, not just flying ruds. So, surely it would be worthwhile to do something similar?

I got a couple of patronising responses from the more experienced auditors along the lines of "Just do what it says in the issues, Paul, and it will all work out fine."

So I did. When it came time to run R2-60 on my first FZ Grade 0 pc, I checked the questions for Read/Interest, and ran/didn't run them accordingly. I don't recall exactly how much time we spent on R2-60, but it wasn't very long at all. I shouldn't have been checking for interest all the time.

Back to the present. It is an outpoint (contrary facts, at least) that LRH talks in COHA about this process taking hours and hours to run and turning on this and that, but when it is run with current procedure nothing much happens.

So I took a look at it in session. I started at the wrong place, using the two lists (1)Hidden, Protected, Owned, Inhibited, Enforced, Desired, Curious About (2)Mysteries, Sex, Eating, Symbols, Thinking, Efforts, Emotions, Looking, Knowing. My first command involved "Hidden Mysteries".

I don't know about you, but "Spot some hidden mysteries" or "Spot some mysteries" didn't get any kind of read or interest with me personally, and I don't think it did with my Grade 0 pc either. So, in a move which will probably ARC break anyone reading this, I took an R3X-type approach to it. It wasn't even pure R3X, so I can even manage to upset the R3X fans too!

The command I directed to myself (not to real or imaginary beings associated with me) was something like "Get the idea of all terminals (people, objects, locations, spaces, energies, masses etc.) associated with Hidden Mysteries...[short pause to allow the collection of such terminals]...and put it above you ... below you ... to the right of you ... etc. etc., using the regular R3X six-direction process.

Lots of charge came off in the form of yawns etc. When the 6-dir process seemed flat, i.e. no more charge obviously coming off, I addressed the time factor of these terminals, shifting their locations on the time track.

I experimented with different commands, finally settling on something like:

"Take the terminals associated with Hidden Mysteries and move them earlier on the time track", i.e. further away from PT [pause to allow charge to come off]. Then,"Take these terminals and move them later on the time track", i.e closer to PT [pause to allow charge to come off]. Repeat alternately as long as charge is coming off. Finish off with being able to move these terminals anywhere on the time track, including indefinitely or infinitely into the past and into the future.

After 1 hour and 16 minutes it all seemed flat, so I ended off.

Next morning I took up the next item on the list, "Hidden Sex". I briefly looked at and wrote down what that meant to me. Then started off as before, running the 6-dir process on all terminals associated with Hidden Sex. It was flattish after a few rounds, calling a "round" a series of A, B, R, L, F, B. Then I time-shifted these terminals on the time track earlier and later, earlier and later.

By now my havingness was shot, and I spent a few minutes contacting the physical universe, rubbing my feet on the floor, banging the table, scratching an arm or leg hard, making myself very aware of the objects in present time. Looking at the wall etc. doesn't give me enough havingness.

OK, back to 6-dir, with lots more charge coming off. I needed more hav after two commands! Then more 6-dir, by which time it seemed flattish. Some hav. Some earlier/later time-shift processing now, moving these terminals on the time track earlier and later, earlier and later. More hav, both subjective and objective.

Lots more charge blowing off, this time on the hav processing. I also realized this is probably best suited to solo, as I was balancing up the three processes, 6-dir, past/future and hav, switching between them as seemed needed, and this would appear difficult to juggle with a separate auditor and pc.

I continued like this until all three processes were flat on the subject of Hidden Sex. It took a total of 47 minutes, maybe fully half of which was taken up with running havingness.

Third session:

I decided to start at the right place per the R2-60 write-up, with Hidden Communications. This time I grooved in the item after starting off with a kind of generalized idea of what it meant. I got real specific about Josie who had e-mailed Janie about me without cc'ing me; and the guys who were talking about messing around with transgenics in the food supply; an ex discussing me with her latest boyfriend, and so on. Then, when I had a bunch of these all nicely restimulated, I started in on the 6-dir process. It was weighty, hard to do at first, lots of charge coming off, then got easier.

Then I remembered something LRH had written in COHA about how to run the process (duh), and broke the command down into more specific chunks. I started off with hidden telepathic communications, with the trio of 6-dir, past-future and hav. Lots of charge came off. Then onto hidden disease communications. When that was flat, I thought what next and came up with hidden money communications, and ran the trio of 6-dir, past/future and hav on that until it was flat. That one was heavy going. I had to stand up to run it as if I tried to run it sitting down I started to go too anaten to continue. But it flattened out relatively quickly once over the initial hump. I also added in the bit about spotting these things in the physical universe instead of just in my mind, which cleaned them up better.

This session had now gone on for just over an hour, 1:01, and I wanted to take a break before continuing, so ended off, with more Hidden Communications to go.

There's more to be written up, from later sessions, but it's not yet in print. Soon ...

A summary of the later stuff: First of all groove in the question thoroughly, thinking of all kinds of real things that the concept would cover, nicely restimulating them. Then run 6-dir, then hav as needed. Do the time-shifting when it seems fairly flat, as earlier on it is very hard to do.

The name "R3X Trio" comes from the idea of three processes being used together, the 6-dir being standard R3X and the other two (Hav and Time Shift) not being too far removed.

As of April 12, I have run about 18 hours solo on these R2-60 items. I am up to "Inhibited Thinking", which ran for about 25 minutes a couple of hours ago as of this writing. Still going strong. About 90-95% of these items are charged. The secret is in thoroughly grooving them in, to make them real to the pc. I spend about five minutes seeing how the item would apply to me. As an example, the last one, inhibited thinking. I'll discuss this one simply because it is fresh in my memory, otherwise it isn't special at all. Inhibited thinking? Mustn't think about critical thoughts in the CofS; mustn't think about sex with underage girls; mustn't think critical remarks about friends as it indicates overts; mustn't think of restimulative things as it, er, restimulates one; others flows on this; inhibioting the relay of information from remote viewpoints one has put out; inhibiting info flow to remote viewpoints others have put out; all the above as it relates to other real or imaginary terminals (includes entities and such possibly mythical individuals); and so on.

The procedure I am using successfully is still: Thoroughly groove in the question as per above paragraph; 6-dir process, but getting charge off each time. Put it (terminals, i.e things, people, incidents etc.) above me and then one of three things happen: 1)It's uncharged or the charge is insufficient to notice and nothing happens; 2) It's overcharged and I go anaten to some extent, in which case I run Hav until it gets to condition 3, i.e, 3)the charge available is just right and comes off as yawns, sigh, tears, etc. Continue, getting charge off until no more available, then run time shift on what I have been running, either the whole thing or some subset of it. Finish off with running time shift on the whole deal, all the terminals connected with the item, and when that is done the item is flat, and go on to the next one.

Latest update from April 26, 2006. I just finished off the "Desired" set this morning, which leaves "Curious About". Still getting charge off these items, though not as much as in earlier sets. I've done about 25 hours total so far. It's definitely good stuff, and it seems to be a thoroughly workable solo process.

Short comment April 28. I finished the "Curious About" set now. Got a bit more stuff off. But I looked over the original write-up, and this is a comment about spotting these things in the physical universe as opposed to the pc's universe. My comment is "Huh?" I can spot the Eiffel Tower in PT in the physical universe, or at least I can imagine I am. But spotting an incident that happened 20 years ago or 20,000 years ago in the physical universe--what exactly does that mean. Are we supposed to be getting into Akashic Records or something?

Comment April 29. I had a go at a dozen of the items on the R3X "possible items" list. I arbitrarily picked every tenth item in the list of single items, ignoring the scales etc., a dozen in all. Only one of them ran well, but it took a few minutes at least on each of the others to discover that it was not going to be fruitful. Not a quick assessment like an instant read (or lack of) on a meter at all. Then today I had a go at the Awareness Levels. I printed them all out, then decided to see if any of them seemed interesting and if so see if they would run with R3X Trio as above. I got a quick "read" on Uncausing,and that ran great for 30 minutes. More report next time or so....

Comment May 2. For 33 years I ignored TA action that occurred while the pc was yawning, carefully noting it as a "body read". I now think that was an error. I'll try quantifying it next time I get into session and find some juicy item to run. The last couple of sessions I haven't found much to run. I didn't get much out of the other awareness levels. Onto other items now.

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