Some of Paul's FZ Pix
(FZ Global)
bb, Nancy and Paul, July 2006, in a Turkish restaurant in London.
bb, Nancy and Paul, July 2006, outside the castle at Saint Hill.
Paul and Nancy, end of January 2006, Paul's last day in the US.
Paul finally finishing the first London Marathon after about 6 hours, just outside Buckingham Palace, 29 March 1981.
Paul's daughter, Allison, hitch-hiking with her father a couple of hundred yards from Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, July 1996.
Peter Gallop at Saint Hill, one very snowy winter's day around 1983. The path is on the way to the Stables. Peter is on the left, about a third of the way up the frame.
Paul overjoyed [irony] at being OEC/FEBC Course Admin at ITO around 1992.

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