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Suppressive Persons are defined in the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary as "Those who are destructively antisocial."

The Church of Scientology requires its members to disconnect from friends, family members, business associates or acquaintances who have been declared suppressive by the Church, whether they want to or not. Failure to do so carries the threat of also being declared suppressive. The effect of being declared suppressive is that one is immediately shunned by all Church members who wish to remain in good standing with the Church, with no exceptions. Poof! No wife. No husband. No kids. No friends.

The reasons for declaring persons suppressive are well covered elsewhere on the Internet. I would like to emphasize that the main reason now seems to be to stop free speech being accepted from those who are critical of some Church actions, quite independently of whether or not such persons are "destructively antisocial".

This is an incomplete list of people who wish it known that their former connections have been severed by the Church of Scientology, along with the years or decades of heartbreak that has caused. The Church will say, for PR reasons, that the ongoing religious shunning is "self-determined" by the parties concerned. That is true, to the extent that this is true: "Either you as a Church member never talk to your wife/husband/friend again; or you lose all chance of what you believe to be your only possibility of eternal spiritual salvation. Choose right now. Of your own free will."

If someone wishes on his own decision to disconnect from his brother who ran off with his Harley and his wife; or someone else wishes to have nothing whatsoever to do with crabby Aunt Ethel who complains non-stop fifteen hours a day, that is their free choice. Breaking up families by such personal decisions are not what this page is about.

I do not care if you are pro-Scientology, anti-Scientology or indifferent. Adding names to this list does not mean by itself that you support what else I do in my life, or that I support what else you do in your life. But it does show that you do not support the Church of Scientology's policy on enforced disconnection. I do care about all the destroyed families and heartbreak this disconnection policy is producing. I'm a timid kind of guy and not into noisy stuff like protest marches, pickets, press campaigns, writing to Congress etc. But I figure that I can do something to help change the mind of the Church's top management by drawing general attention to the sheer extent of the problem. I have seen scattered reports of disconnection, but I have not seen a centralized list. So here is one. It shows the names of those still in the Church that one would like to be in communciation with. Listing these out causes the names to appear in search engine results. The people supporting the current regime in the Church might not be so pleased to see their names in this context, but hey, guess what? Who is suppressing who?

If you wish to be added to this Disconnection list, just fill out the Disconnection form at the bottom of this page. Please use your real name and real contact info. I will break up any e-mail address to minimize spam. Tell your friends. Every genuine extra name strengthens the case for all.

If you wish to be added to the Protest Roll, just fill out the Protest form at the bottom of this page. Please use your real name and real contact info. I will break up any e-mail address to minimize spam. Tell your friends. Every genuine extra name strengthens the case for all.

If, for some reason, you filled out the form and your name wasn't added within 24 hours, or you would prefer not to use the form, you can always e-mail me. My e-mail address is immediately below, next to my name on the Disconnection List.

NameContact infoDecl?Disconnected from, and relationshipSince
Paul Adams fzglobalguy at Yes Friends: Philip de Bruyn, Sigfrido Hernandez, Dave Share, Cindy Bostick, Gail Tobey, Jim Lutz and others 2004
Roland Aldridge dornfordyates at ? Pat Duffy (mother), Madelyn Mara (friend) 2001
Heidrun Beer hBeer at Yes Ingrid Tier (business client), Gabriele M. and husband (insurance agents) 1999
Frank Pate photoformodels at Yes Troy Sweetman (business partner) 2006
Eugene David Sweetland, Jr popsweetland at Yes Lauren Elizabeth Sweetland; E. Reilly Sweetland (son); Susan DeVay Shinneman (ex-wife, 28 years married) 2000
Petra Goepfert petraph33 at [Ireland] Yes Harald and Kristen Goepfert (brother and sister-in-law) 2007
Bill Offerman willoffer at ? Susan, Gavin and Jessica James (sister, nephew, niece) 2006

Name and contact infoName and contact infoName and contact info
Sharon Sigmond, kickingit1966 at Terril Robert Park, bbafzao at Michael Moore, support at

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