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This section of my site devoted to copyrights contains public records of Scientology copyrights from the U.S. Copyright Office, via their search engine at http://www.copyright.gov/records/cohm.html/ and also their arcane LOCIS (Library of Congress Information System) Search System.

For now, these records are pretty much a straight copy and paste of the search results, with summaries in the transfers pages.

The first number of each record is dependent on the search term, and is relatively unimportant.

These records are presented as-is and without comment for now, original typos included.

The search term(s) that produced the records are included at the top of each page. The pages have been split up to keep the size down to a maximum of around 250 KB generally.

There are about 250 more records than registration numbers on the numbers page. It will match eventually.

There may be many more records to be added, or there may not. It is not known right now.

Page No. Size Details
Page 01 250 KB 495 full records
Page 02_1 245 KB 1,740 full records, p1 of 3
Page 02_2 240 KB 1,740 full records, p2 of 3
Page 02_3 245 KB 1,740 full records, p3 of 3
Page 03 285 KB 1,783 brief records
Page 04_1 225 KB 9,909 brief records, p1 of 9
Page 04_2 215 KB 9,909 brief records, p2 of 9
Page 04_3 195 KB 9,909 brief records, p3 of 9
Page 04_4 200 KB 9,909 brief records, p4 of 9
Page 04_5 250 KB 9,909 brief records, p5 of 9
Page 04_6 240 KB 9,909 brief records, p6 of 9
Page 04_7 230 KB 9,909 brief records, p7 of 9
Page 04_8 225 KB 9,909 brief records, p8 of 9
Page 04_9 205 KB 9,909 brief records, p9 of 9
Page 05 180 KB Registration numbers only
Page 06 250 KB 334 copyright transfers re CST
Page 07 65 KB 83 copyright transfers or documents re NFS
Page 08 130 KB 175 copyright transfers or documents re CofS
Page 09 35 KB 48 copyright transfers or documents re ASI, Hubbards, Galaxy Press, BPI, NEP
Page 10 35 KB Summary of all copyright transfers/documents, covering at least 30,000 non-unique titles
Page 11 80 KB Copyrights re journals, periodicals, magazines etc.

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