Auditor Standard Tech Assessment Checklist

Here is a checklist that can be used to assess how well an auditor is adhering to Standard Tech. This assessment can be done by the auditor himself, or it can be used by anyone familiar with that auditor's operation. It is not necessarily in its final form, but it is workable as it stands. In assessing someone's tech, use the last session and pc, not one tomorrow.

Each question scores 0-5 points:
5 points = fully in each session, each pc
4 points = pretty much in, slips a bit sometimes
3 points = does try, with it more in than out
2 points = kinda tries, but it's more out than in
1 point = it's in a bit, at least
0 points = you gotta be kidding--this is the FZ and we don't do that here!

Add up the total. You can compare scores auditor to auditor, but make sure you are comparing like with like. One person's assessment of a scene might not match another's assessment of the same scene.

An auditor could assess his/her own operation and decide to improve it by working on each point in turn until all are fully in. Simply recording the total each time would give a quantitative measure of progress towards a genuine Ideal Scene of 100% Standard Tech.

Date_____________ Auditor_______________________________ Total________

No. Item Score
1. Auditor is certificate trained or full equivalent for all actions being delivered if auditing professionally. _______
2. Auditor really wants to do a good job and help the pc, is professional in dress and manner, doesn't discuss pc cases and doesn't screw his clients. _______
3. Auditor uses standard C/S Series and Grade Chart programming and C/Sing. _______
4. Auditor has minimally read, word-cleared and fully drilled all actions being delivered. _______
5. Auditor has and uses a separate qualified person as C/S if auditing professionally. _______
6. Auditor has all points of HCOB "Checklist for Setting Up Sessions and an E-Meter" in. This is by visual checklist unless auditor can quote it verbatim. _______
7. Auditor always uses standard Model Session per HCOB Model Session. _______
8. Auditor clears all commands per HCOB Clearing Commands. _______
9. Auditor delivers a full Scn and Dn CS-1 on new Scn and Dn pcs exactly per those issues. _______
10. Auditor delivers a full PTS CS-1 before doing a PTS Handling. _______
11. Auditor delivers only standard processes exactly as written. _______
12. Auditor's TRs are uniformly excellent and the last session done would pass a video. _______
13. Auditor's metering is uniformly excellent and the last session done would pass a video. _______
14. Auditor's application of technical data including Auditors Code is uniformly excellent and would pass a video. _______
15. Auditor has and uses a separate qualified person as Examiner after session if auditing professionally. _______
16. Each session is written up by the end of the day, with full admin in per Auditor Admin Series HCOBs on the session write-ups and the pc folder inside covers. _______
17. Auditor goes to Cramming/gets standard correction for session flubs. _______
18. Auditor has a reference library covering at minimum what is being delivered and studies from it at least a couple of hours weekly. _______
19. Auditor has audited at least one pc in formal session in the past three months. _______
20. Auditor's pcs are completing full program steps, winning, and while moving up the Bridge are doing or planning training as auditors themselves. _______

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