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NOTE: It is now 2013 or so. For years I haven't considered myself a Freezoner. I have not kept this site up to date. My PaulsRobot site is at and that one I am keeping up to date. I post regularly to the Ex-Scientologist Message Board at


Welcome. I'm Paul Adams. This site is my personal view of the Freezone and is all original content, except for a small amount in the Writings section. The trademarks page contains public records, in a form that was not on the web before. The copyrights pages contain public records in a form that was not on the web before (over 13,000 records of copyright registrations involving LRH).

Update 31 October 2009. I just added RoboCounsellor at, which delivers conventional counselling modalities like Rogerian Therapy and Transactional Analysis to human users free of charge. More computer-assister counselling. :) The Rogerian module is fully-functional, but I haven't got the TA one up there yet. Soon. . . .

Update 1 May 2008: Not-Too-Shabby Power is now added to Paul's Robot Auditor at [link broken, but there's an updated version at PaulsRobot3]. The name comes from the fact that it is a more gentle version of the last process of Super Power (per the Net issues). It is a Robot version of the Rising Scale Process, applied in one of three ways at your choice. One is the original 14 Rising Scale pairs done in sequence; one is where you pick and choose among these 14 pairs; and the third uses an expanded list of 78 pairs you can pick and choose among. It works very well.

In September 2007 I put a new course online based on Napoleon Hill's famous book Think and Grow Rich. The course is naturally called Yawn and Grow Rich and is at The course is revolutionary in its approach, in its unique address to study problems. Some of the "study tech" will be familiar; but there are additional handlings including false data stripping via the Paul's Robot Auditor False Data Stripping module, and also a new technique Yes-No Yawning to discharge negative reactions to the text.

In addition, after doing over 50 30-minute group sessions via Skypecast, I have started auditing via YouTube. Yes, more crazy squirrel stuff from yours truly. :). Have a session (or more than one) if you wish. The screen shown is a basic general session, General 1/3. It is self-explanatory. Each of these videos is slightly under ten minutes long. If you want a longer session, do General 2/3 and General 3/3 and repeat if needed. Do this one (General 1/3) if you just want to check out what it's all about. You can simply repeat General 1/3 if you wish.

Feel free to put a copy of these session videos on your own websites (click on the "menu" button in the lower right corner of the YouTube screen). General 2/3 | General 3/3 | Your Mind 1/2 | Your Mind 2/2 | Your Body 1/2 | Your Body 2/2 | Confessional 1/1

Update 1 July 2007. I've just added False Data Stripping to Paul's Robot Auditor. It works surprisingly well. Enjoy! [link broken, but there's an updated version at PaulsRobot3]

Paul's Robot Tech now contains Paul's Robot Supervisor items. The first online items are Sections 1 and 2 of TRs 0-4 drills. The other two sections should be online in 2007. Later in the year will be Study Tech, Basic Auditing, and Simple Processes. Stay tuned! If you just want to look at one page to get a vague idea, pick something from TRs 1-4 below, rather than TR-0.

TRs 0-4 progress, Coach and Student:
Drill OT TR-0 TR-0C TR-0S TR-0 BBC TR-0 BBS TR-1C TR-1S TR-2C TR-2S TR-2 1/2C TR-2 1/2S TR-3C TR-3S TR-4C TR-4S
Section 1 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Section 2 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Section 3 yes   yes     yes yes                
Section 4                              

The latest additions to Paul's Robot Auditor in the Objectives section are CCHs 1-4, CCH 5, CCH 6, CCH 7, CCH 8, CCH 9, CCH 10, and S-C-S on a Body.

Just added to Paul's Robot Auditor: Opening Procedure of 8-C. In developing it, I discovered that just like Op Pro By Dup my own Opening Procedure of 8-C had been unflat since 1974. It flattened off nicely. I actually find it preferable to get audited like this than with the student auditor who did my Objectives back then.

To celebrate the New Year, 2007, on January 3 as a birthday present to someone I added something impossible, or at least unmentionable. It is a Robot Auditor that delivers Opening Procedure By Duplication. Until a couple of days ago I thought this was impossible, but after two hours of it running fine on me I changed my mind. Enjoy! (You can enjoy the auditing or enjoy laughing at me!).

In August 2006 I added a Robot Auditor to this site. Follow the instructions, if you dare, and it should blow your socks off! Start with the Core Version, or the other versions won't make much sense. There is a Tech FAQ about it here. There is also a bare-bones use-anywhere version, The Yawn Machine.

Since February 2006 I have been living in Newcastle, in North East England.

This search engine here has been working since July 2006. You can search this site with it:


This research from Dec 2005 to April 2006 will probably upset just about anyone in the FZ who reads it. It is written for those few of you who will appreciate it. This has been superceded by Paul's Robot Auditor and The Yawn Machine.

Here is a page for my research into and comments on the issues on the Internet called the "Super Power Rundown Series".

There is a Scientology Disconnection List, a list of persons who have been separated from friends or family members by enforced religious shunning of the CofS. This is a non-partisan list of people who just want their friends or loved ones back, whether pro-Scn, anti-Scn or indifferent.

Here is a link to an off-site wiki about Scientology, called Scienowiki. For convenience, Scienowiki is at It is a kind of encyclopedia about Scientology that anyone can edit, similar to Wikipedia but definitely not the same. I founded Scienowiki, but I do not own it. My user name there is "Dulloldfart". I hope many Scientologists contribute to making it an authoritative free online resource about everything to do with the subject, its founder, its organizations both official and unofficial, its policies and people and what has really been going on there over the years. Most likely, you are part of its people and your voice is valuable. Please help.

There is a large, complete chart of every single US trademark ever filed by the Church of Scientology, showing their current status. For the designs, this includes a copy of every image available from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This shows data like when the L 10, L 11, and L 12 marks died, and that the mark SUPER POWER was abandoned by the CofS in 1993 as they couldn't provide a statement of use for it. And lots, lots, more.

I wrote a POW Correspondence Course, based on the book Problems of Work. As usual, it is free and you are welcome to use it.

The Auditor Assessment Checklist is not an auditing list, but an easy way of monitoring how closely an auditor adheres to Standard Tech. There are 20 points to check, each scoring up to 5 points, and the total gives a score out of 100.

The Course Supervisor Assessment Checklist works similarly, but for sups. These checklists can be used over a period of time to see if the scene is getting closer to an ideal one or further away.

The Comparison is based around a Basic Elements of Standard Tech Checklist, a method of comparing the standardness of different orgs or individuals.

The Abilities chart is an attempt to list out the possible abilities apparent or latent in a human being and how they might be developed.

The Writings are from over 950 postings I have made to different FZ groups. They are neatly indexed by date as well as subject. In date sequence, they are grouped below. An individual subject index is on the "writings" page linked at the bottom of this page.

Page No. Post Nos. Start Date End Date
Page 1 1-58 April 22, 2004 May 21, 2004
Page 2 59-86 May 22, 2004 May 31, 2004
Page 3 87-133 June 1, 2004 June 16, 2004
Page 4 134-245 June 17, 2004 July 16, 2004
Page 5 246-320 July 17, 2004 August 16, 2004
Page 6 321-378 August 17, 2004 September 16, 2004
Page 7 379-449 September 17, 2004 November 16, 2004
Page 8 450-522 November 17, 2004 December 16, 2004
Page 9 523-639 December 17, 2004 August 5, 2005
Page 10 640-699 August 5, 2005 October 7, 2005
Page 11 700-750 October 14, 2005 December 15, 2005
Page 12 751-800 December 18, 2005 September 23, 2006
Page 13 801-850 September 25, 2006 October 16, 2006
Page 14 851-902 October 16, 2006 October 25, 2006
Page 15 903-950 October 26, 2006 November 17, 2006
Page 16 951 on November 18, 2006 December 2006

The Upper Level Writings are from some postings I have made to Upper Levels FZ groups. They are indexed by date and subject too.

The Poetry section includes various pieces I wrote over the years that seem relevant.

The Pix section is for some photographs I may take from time to time of FZ people and events, or photographs of historical interest.

The Food Replicator has got nothing to do with the FZ except that it is something I have been researching and am interested in, cheaply imprinting the electronic essence of substances into water.

The Rubik's cubes have nothing to do with the Freezone either, except that some freezoners may have seen me playing with them, usually a Professor's Cube (5x5x5). I didn't see a solution to a Shepherd's Cube or a Tartan Cube when I first looked for them on the Net in May 2002, so I figured out and wrote a simple one for each and posted links to them on the Twisty Megasite Forum. The links got old so I have redone them. They are here: Simple Solution for Tartan Cube and Simple Solution for Shepherd's Cube. The Tartan is supposed to be the hardest Rubik's 3x3x3 to solve, but I found the Shepherd's one took longer to figure out.

HGB Staff in 1994 is a list of 686 Sea Org members in the HGB at one time in 1994. It includes 32 INCOMM people and 71 Bridge Publications people who studied there but did not work there routinely, so only 585 of those listed worked at the HGB routinely.

Links are, well, just links.

Paul's Scn Quals shows my tech and admin training, SO posts held, and positions and activities after leaving the SO, both in the CofS Scn community and the Freezone. I have added to this data and moved it to my user page on Scienowiki.

Paul's ID (separate site) is just for e-mail address verification related to posts I make on various FZ groups.

Paul's Pix (separate site) is for more photos.

FZ Admin (separate site) contains a FZ Admin Scale useful for an individual or group; and also data re the vital importance of routing forms with one good example and how they can overcome the problem of working with a non-admin trained staff.

Paul's Squirrel Academy (separate site) contains three original checksheets. There is one each for OT2 and OT3 based upon my years supervising those courses and including many useful drills on their standard solo auditing actions not covered elsewhere; and the other is an entire new course and checksheet covering Dianetic R3X at both a simple and advanced level.

You can e-mail me at [good in 2013], and I will usually respond to you. Or you can telephone me at +44 191 645 0825.

DISCLAIMER: This site is not connected to or endorsed by the Church of Scientology. Dianetics®, Scientology® and others are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center.

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